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And then when they do build their messaging, nothing is unique and compelling about it, they are rooted in Feature Benefit land. You must be strategic to get noticed! I just blogged about this yesterday
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Love it! About a year ago, I did a presentation for my daughters 4 grade class, in it I said, "Marketing is great because you get to be a poet, an artist and a scientist." (I've put it up on slideshare here -" I'd also say many outside of Marketing, the function has moved from a "Black art" to a "Black Science", making it even more challenging to explain it's value in the C-Suite.. Love the infographic!!!
Nice post. I would add that for engineers to become true marketers, if they want to, it does require some non-trivial mindset shifts, see here where I wrote about this very transition... It is the 3rd example...
To me, this doens't ring true. I think all of this matters, but needs to be understood in a new context. In b2b, that new context is the cloud. I've written extensively about this, see my article here: The article is entitled, the 4th C, How the Cloud Changes Everything in B2B Marketing
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Jul 20, 2011