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Bravo, Kate, on leaving no freak behind! I do concur with Stuart on the constitutional analysis of marriage equality, but you make some great points. I don't think LGBTQ leaders made marriage the priority. In many ways, the marriage equality movement has been driven by grassroots activism rather than Gay, Inc., largely due to the anger over having same-sex marriage voted upon in California (removing a legal entitlement). That motivated a lot of complacent people to do something. So the movement is really the people using their voice... finally. There will be a learning curve for all of them to remember the other "others" in their quest. Let's just hope we don't take too long in the learning. I firmly believe we can fight the fight on all fronts, not just marriage equality. I'll continue to push marriage equality, ENDA, the repeal of DADT, Healthcare for all and any other issues as long as I have a voice to use. I can't seem to answer your questions though: "a) who needs the most help and b) what battlefront will bring us the most allies?" -- particularly the "who needs the most help" portion. Couldn't we all use an advocate?
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Dec 4, 2009