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Fascinating to see this data and begin to see some correlations and questions about completion rates in MOOCS. That is the current buzz. There are some interesting points of inquiry being revealed. The issue of course length is fascinating. I peek into Open2Study (it seems to be like Coursera-down-under) It appears most courses are 4 weeks. I was wondering what else would set them apart and indicate higher completion rates. One thing I've thought about, and I'm sure there will be some data forthcoming to support this: is there a correlation between higher completion rates and the value of the course outcome? In other words, if the certificate granted at the end is eligible for credit (or if students pay for the credit) would completion rates be higher? We are at the end of our brick and mortar semester, and it is crunch time stress for students realizing they are not going to pass, or have missed assignments and won't get a good grade. Some just disappear and drop out (just like MOOCs). It frustrates me because I know they've paid tuition to be here, or receive grants or loans that now seem wasted. For some, the cost of the credits keeps them enrolled to the end, working hard or begging for mercy to finish with a passing grade. When there is no consequence, dropping is easier. Others have pointed this out. One of the other things I discovered at Open2Study was a bit of "gamification". They offer a series of badges, or rewards for participating. You can get badges for completing your profile, for participating in the forums, for watching the videos. You can earn silver bronze and platinum levels. It is incentivized. I am wondering if that doesn't contribute to the noted higher completion rates. I know some facilities have begun to offer credit for Coursera courses, and Udacity has some pay options for accredited certificates. But could these simple 'badges' be enough to make a difference? "Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges..." Maybe we do?
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2013 on Completion data for MOOCs at The Ed Techie
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Dec 12, 2013