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Jay Spencer
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tg, I share your point of view and the concerns you expressed above. First, allow me to share my current situation. I am being forced out of my home by the scam that is popularly known as the "foreclosure crisis," actually a well-laid plan to use the court system to enforce the endgame of the scam, devised by the banksters to transfer the real wealth of this country from the middle class to the top fraction of 1%. I was forced to refinance my home several times when I could not make timely payments due to circumstances beyond my control (including a sick wife and unemployment). I have learned the working details of the scam, and determined that the foreclosing entity (in my case, Freddie Mac) has perpetrated, in concert with other financial entities, fraud on the court, on investors, on taxpayers, on the government, and on me. I have been fighting these frauds unsuccessfully in court since 2011. In the process, I have lost the last of my financial resources, my job and my wife (due to the stress she has suffered). This Monday, June 23, is the deadline for answering a Notice of Ejectment, including a notice of seizure of Title to my property (having been sold for a dollar), signed by the County Sheriff. I wish to include in my response a notice to the Sheriff that there is a case pending in the PA courts challenging the constitutionality of Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which (as now written into law) violates every defendant's constitutional rights. Until this case is decided, all defendants who claim such violations should have the legal action against them suspended. In addition, I will demand that the Sheriff present my complaint to a Grand Jury for their determination whether or not my case should be tried by a petit Grand Jury. I am contacting several people with whom I have spoken about this problem, including John Darash of the National Liberty Alliance. I am aware of the problems with this group, as Eric Williams has mentioned (as have others). I welcome any suggestions.
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Jan 20, 2012