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Jay Salter
Jay is a retired union organizer, married to Tina, a retired registered nurse. They've been married 50 years (51 in June 2011). They have two daughters and one grand daughter. They live in San Luis Obispo County, California, USA.
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Jay Salter added a favorite at Prairie Weather
Sep 22, 2012
Right you are, Darwin. Fearlessly acknowledging "the system is broken" marks the step toward recovery. Welcome aboard.
Yes, Darwin, I know it sounds dangerous and worrisome, this call for improved regulation of capitalism. But understand this: the Occupy Wall Streeters aren't calling for an end to capitalism. If you begin paying closer attention, you'll understand they're simply demanding it be made to work for everyone, not just the very few. I know, the very idea seems dangerously revolutionary to folk of narrow vision.
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Thanks, G. Brazel, for your thoughtful, wide-ranging comment. Allow me to introduce Professor David Harvey's view: Please keep on sluggin'
Right. Pay no heed. No double-takes here. Keep on moving along just as you've been so often told.
Right. Osama and his henchmen didn't need much intelligence to figure us out. Since we wear it on our sleeve, they pretty easily deduced our core weakness: American Exceptionalism -- the belief that the lessons of history don't apply to us. We're an exception to rules that apply to all other nations but us.
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Nina, Thanks for your kind comments. If you're the same "Nina" who operates Deep Into Artlife West, you're praise is highly invigorating. And many thanks too for boosting my readership by featuring Nothing Is Final on DIAW's Frequent Updates column. I greatly admire your site, your writing and the fine photos you feature up top. Let's stay in touch. Cheers and many bows, Jay Salter
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Mar 15, 2010
Where have you hidden the HELP section?
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I love it. You've the perfect description. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. I'll bet he delivers a wreath of dead roses to the Bloody Angle ever July 3.
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