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Jay Tan
Los Angeles, CA
A survivor of the WFA, PRIDE, and ProElite, I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp. A friend of fighters and a sympathizer with promoters. I'm the somebody that nobody knows, and I can't decide if I want to keep it that way or not.
Interests: MMA, pro wrestling, Godzilla, zombies, & sea monsters, Old School & Underground Hip Hop, china, Japan, Richard Pryor, Eric Bogosian, Andy Kaufman, food, whiskey, sleep.
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I might have enjoyed Aldo-Hominick the most due to Hominick's determination to keep fighting, but there was no doubt in my mind Aldo won, so while it was competitive, it didn't have the edge-of-my-seat wonder at who was going to win. And Lyoto's kick, like I said, is somewhat shortchanged, perhaps unfairly so, by the fact that we saw Anderson do this two months ago. Lyoto's kick absolutely had the Oh-Shit factor, and he deserves credit for it, though it's tough to see it on such a fan favorite as Randy. Regarding GSP, Shields, Koscheck, and strategy, perhaps your thoughts that the challengers were waiting for an opening might really be valid, but at that level, I wouldn't make assumptions that Kos or Shields were simply looking for their Hail Mary magic opening shot or simply decided challenging for the title is good enough. Whether it was that they didn't have the right strategy or they couldn't impose it over the champ, or in Kos' case, he lost tools (right eye) needed to execute, that's what makes a difference between the vanquished challenger and a defending champ. In the case of the defending champ, part of it is from being able to impose his strategy and throw his opponent's off course. This is separate from the criticism of GSP fighting to keep his opponents' at bay and frustrate them for 25 minutes or risking making a mistake for the sake of finishing early. Fans want to see an early finish. GSP wants to walk home that night with the title. Both are right.
My favorite Kaufman clip. YOU - YOU'RE A FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2011 on Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! at Fighting Geek
I don't know that I can co-sign that. Sid? Lawrence Taylor (and not even because of his recent headlines, just that the dude doesn't really merit it).
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