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Story below is inspired by the song Beneath Your Beautiful. I touched the crescent moon scar across my cheek when I made eye contact with him. How long had he been standing there watching me? My scar—my unwanted companion with its hardened grooves etched into my skin for a decade. My shoulders tensed up as he approached with a tentative gait. His beauty was more yielding now. In high school, his brooding good looks were raw and unkind. I can see the deep knife scar on his chin descending into his black turtleneck. I involuntarily shuddered. His scar took me by the hand and we traveled back to that morning. Vibrant sunlight and warm air tickled us teenagers that the school year was almost over. The sunrays managed to penetrate the small assembly room’s narrow windows. I can see her unblemished porcelain skin. We were placing programs on the empty seats for the boring afternoon assembly. We didn’t speak to each other. She was the gorgeous popular girl while I merely blended in like drying paint. I smelled her perfume: delicate flowers teasing the air along with the dust from the wooden chairs. I saw the stranger glaring at us through the double doors. His eyes danced with rage. I remembered my heart plopping into my stomach. My hands choked the stiff programs. Why couldn’t I scream and warn her? She could only look up when the doors flew open. What was she thinking just before her porcelain face came apart from the gun blast? Parts of her soaked my white shirt. I couldn’t run, could only stare. This much older man grabbed me by the throat. I remembered dropping the crumpled programs trying to breathe. I saw the blade of the knife. My strength found me. We wrestled. The knife still managed to sink into my flesh. That’s when I found my voice. “You alright?” I jumped when Tobias touched my shoulder. I gasped fighting to breathe. The winter air revealed my breath coming out in erratic puffs. I was back in the present, sitting on the park bench dedicated to our dead classmate in front of the handsome jock who saved my life. He sat next to me. With a bold hand I traced his scar. It felt masculine and was wider than mine. I closed my eyes as Tobias held me tight and we managed to find that special warmth usually not found in the dark.
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Mar 1, 2015