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I am SO doing this at our February Klondike Derby!
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Soda Can Popcorn at We've Moved!
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I most definitely need to get a few copies of this book for me and my fellow ASMs.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on Working the Patrol Method at We've Moved!
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So Stan runs afoul of the law and is sent to jail. He's out in the prison yard, when one of the prisoners suddenly yells out "32" and everyone laughs. A couple of minutes later another prisoner shouts "19" and everyone roars. Confused, Stan finds one of the long-timers and asks, "What's going on? Why is everyone laughing when someone shouts a number?" "Well", says the guy, "The prison library has only one joke book and all the jokes are numbered and since everyone's been here so long and heard the jokes over and over, it's easier to just shout the number." So, a couple of days go by and Stan and the other prisoners are out in the yard again and there's a lull in the conversation, so Stan takes a chance and shouts out "44"! No one laughs. Thinking they might not have heard him he shouts "44" again The prisoners are stone-faced and silent. Stan turns to the old-timer and asks, "What's wrong?" The old-timer replies, "Hey...some people just can't tell a joke".
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2010 on Scoutmaster Podcast Jokes at We've Moved!
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Went I read Seth's blog post this morning I first thought of Woodbadge and NYLT training, and how both (when done right) provide the 2nd type of training. The patrol method is like that too - boys learn to lead and to solve interesting problems. It's messy at times, and hard to have measurable outcomes, but the scouts learn more when they are actively DOING than when they are being told what to do.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2010 on Two Kinds of Training at We've Moved!
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My troop has used SOAR's system for a couple years now. We migrated over from an old, hand-rolled CMS and haven't looked back. Parents love the EBlast feature, getting a weekly reminder of upcoming events and activities. Scouts can register online for events, so now we have a single location to check on activity interest, and in cases where we need to know if little Johnny Scout really was at that service project we can check the sign up. There are some things I'd like to see improved - such as more finite permissions in sections (I'd love for everyone to be able to upload photos, but not modify other content), and the ability to send an email to everyone signed up for an event with one click - but overall the SOAR CMS has fulfilled all our needs. I'd give it Two Thumbs and a Big Toe Up!
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Thanks, Clarke. I know what I'm using for my scoutmaster minute at tonight's meeting, now.
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I'd say give podcasting a try. You've got a unique view on the ins and outs of Scouting - some things tradational, some things otherwise - so you'd be adding a different voice to what's already out there.
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