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I was kind of surprised at how easy it was having not been to the market in two weeks and not having shopped for the challenge but I guess after years of participating and constantly overstocking my kitchen -- it isnt that hard anymore Please note: message attached
they very well could be. I know I have never seen cranberries growing but that is what Google images turns up. Please note: message attached
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Mar 15, 2010
Cynthia -- Happiest of birthday -- it has been a hard year, I am guessing the next one can only get better. Loved the slide show!! Glad to see your "boys and dogs". I am thinking warm and loving thoughts for you.
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I think about all of the dieting moms standing around and watching their kids play -- this could be fun for everyone. While I was there (in the middle of the day on a misty week day), I saw at least three people use it. j Please note: message attached
I believe we had quite the field day with how marriage mars you.
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