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The problem with the guy is he's so focused on a few negative things versus the OVERALL experience. It'd be like being on a deck overlooking the ocean in Hawaii and claiming the railing needs a new coat of paint or that Cindy Crawford is not that attractive because she has a mole. Is or was the iPhone ever perfect? No. But features can be added andor changed. Does this guy ONLY use other cell phones (or anything else) when they are absolutely perfect? Or is he busy railing against the iphone because his client list does not include Apple? And a lot of his "comments" are 100% subjective. Is the phone call quality poor? I don't think so. Is it the greatest ever? Probably not. But I'll trade a 92% phone call quality for the fact I can rebook my airline flight with a few taps and some typing. Or #16 makes no sense at all - 50+ million are wrong but he's right? Or that #20 is just plain wrong? I think he's the one's who's been kidnapped and cracked in the head and HE's the one suffering from Nokia Stockholm syndrome of thinking it's still 1999. This guy should go do something productive with his life and stop thinking he's smarter than us by linking two non related theories - what's next, the Heisenberg theory you cannot predict where your next iphone call will be?
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2009 on The iPhone Syndrome at Mobile Marketing Magazine
Yea, unbelievable this guy still has a job - this guy is either incredibly stupid or really small minded. He literally is cut from the same cloth as the guy selling buggy whips 120 years lamenting that paved roads are "stupid." It's hard to believe they pay this guy to run anything - clearly he cannot see OPPORTUNITY only that he has to work harder ... boo hoo. This guy should be laughed at - clearly he is not earning his keep. Things change, get used to it. Consumers are ONLY filling a gap you REFUSE to provide or as noted, too dumb to fill. GET OUT OF THE WAY. Why pay a guy like this millions of dollars when he is clearly not qualified to lead a company - MAYBE that is the problem with the film industry - all these people who don't get the internet or only sees one tiny aspect when the bottom line is that people want to SEE YOUR PRODUCT - and when you do not deliver it, our DIY society and culture now will just figure a new path ... grow up and find some new employees who are not scared to do something instead of being a narrow minded whiner.
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People never factor that into the cost of buying a Mac - there are 200 stores with one or two open 24/7 that you can walk into and ASK question or get issues resolved. People don't believe but it's true as you point out.
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