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Josh Berg
Cambridge, MA
Founder and CEO,
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Take this question with a grain of salt, as my team and I are working on a web startup, so we clearly fit into the "software VC" world that Fred Wilson was referring to... But for the sake of others who are working on biotech or other capital intensive businesses, it seems like there still may be a gap in the earliest stages (e.g. where an unfunded software company might be sleeping on couches and bootstrapping until they find product market fit), where unless the founder is willing and able to self fund half a million or a million dollars, they need to find investors that are willing to invest primarily on the team and concept (rather than product or traction) to get the initial product in front of customers. For founders in the position trying to start up a company in that camp, and without the resources to self fund, are there any effective ways that you've seen to get from 0-10 mph without having to get investors to put money into the company primarily on faith?
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Sep 20, 2010