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Interests: choral singing, cooking, reading, crafts, quilting, simple living, catholicism
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Way to go! Very inspiring. Maybe it will work for a 50-year-old fat woman!
I do think that the way people use social networking is an indicator of how bad we've gotten about all this, though, whatever the cause may be. I just don't want to come off like a jerky-kneed, tech-fearing trend-piecer. Not a chance...but I live with two teen boys who have been on FB since the start. (As have I.) Whether it causes isolation or contributes to it is to some extent moot. It's kinda there...I just overheard my 18 yo ask my husband where a cellphone charger is, a two-part response was given, and son had to ask him to repeat it..."sorry dad, I just wasn't listening". In what world do you ask someone a simple fact-based question and then simply not listen to the answer? Online, you don't need to listen. It'll be there, on your fricking wall when you decide to attend to the information. Or maybe I'm just a harried mom in a heatwave who's tired of BlackBerries(TM) at the dinner table.
We have a four-hour drive to the cottage this weekend with our two teenage boys. I plan to print out a copy for each of us and talk about it. If they can put their devices down for long enough.... (Working my way through your archives.)
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There is a reason why mass settings have yielded some of the most wonderful parts of the classical choral repertoire, and I think you've nailed it. Will your new setting be sung regularly at Church of the Redeemer? I'm tied up with my choir on Sunday mornings until mid-June, but would love to hear it at some point. Oh, and I just sat through yet another snicker-fest about Rutter in a traditional Catholic choir that I've just joined. But you know, he's one of the few contemporary composers whose work can make me weep, so he's hitting it out of the park by some measure.
Gorgeous! Love the onion/mushroom action shot.
Thanks for this. I've printed it on photo paper and will paste it in the front of my journal.
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My favorite thing was the menu planning. I had been doing it for months but had dropped off over the past few, and this kickstarted me back on track! (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.) Blessings! Janet
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2010 on Turn In February Points! at Home Sanctuary
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I did the area around the toilet seat hinges. Ewww.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on The Mighty Cotton Swab at Home Sanctuary
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I just gave away an old winter coat and washed my gloves, so I'm going to clean out my box in the closet (we each have boxes to keep our hats, scarves and gloves etc in) and brush my outside clogs...they're looking kinda bad.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on Cape Disappointment at Home Sanctuary
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I am leaving behind annoyance, impatience, and frustration with my older son who has just left home for university. I need to learn to be supportive and loving in my words with him. He is finding his way forward in this big step toward adulthood.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2009 on Autumn Leaves at Home Sanctuary
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The most eye-opening exercise was on September 17 when you asked us to turn off the distractions. I turned off my computer for 2 hours and was REALLY productive. I am continuing to do this when I start to feel overwhelmed.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2009 on Time to Turn in September Points! at Home Sanctuary
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While I was doing the light switches, I noticed how filthy the adjacent doors were (powder room, front hall closet, upstairs baths), particularly around the door I did those too! All shiny now!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2009 on Let There Be Lots at Home Sanctuary
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I recently purchased and implemented a commercial filing system ("Freedom Filer") and it has changed my life. I went from four full lateral files to two and got rid of four large green garbage bags of shredded documents. I have a place for every piece of paper that comes into my house and has to be saved. Like others, I keep a paper recycling box in the kitchen and am ruthless about using it! Newspapers go in there as soon as I've read them in the morning and if anyone needs it later in the day, they know where to find it! I sort my mail directly into it, and immediately put bills to pay or whatever into my filing system. Every Wednesday, the "Bills to Pay" folder gets emptied as I pay everthing I can online that day.
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Love the blog name, and Nina's smile!
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Cleaning my teen boys bathroom, read, around and behind the toilet. I know, I know...they should be doing this themselves. But big boy is leaving for his first year at university, so I'm gonna do it as a gesture of love. (Not that they will see it that way, but oh well!)
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I do the same thing but with the food mill attachment on my stand mixer. That means you don't even need to core the apples! I remove the stems and the little dried ends, but everything else goes into the pot. We sometimes add browning pears or softened plums, grapes, blueberries, or other fruit to the cooking pot....anything that's a little past it's prime for hand eating. Then you get a surprise colour!
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Simply gorgeous, and inspiring!
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Thanks for the nostalgia rush. My mom used to make this on a bright orangey-red enameled plate. It looked almost as awesome as it tastes. Bet my teenage sons would go for it...
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Beautiful offer! Congrats on 400 posts.
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