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Telluride CO
CRM Technology Coach, Jazz DJ on KOTO-fm Telluride Jazz Celebration Board Member
Interests: Music, Art, Sports, CRM, sCRM, Technology, Hiking, Biking
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Thanks for the post Michael -- Because of my interest in IoT, I got my girlfriend an "UP" - for Christmas and she is really enjoying it -- The iphone analytics App is quite sophisticated. I fully expect that in the near future, there will be tiny implantable devices that will monitor all kinds of health related items.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2013 on The Internet of Things at Michael Fauscette
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Paul... this post is very thought provoking for sure. I'd like to add one point to your discussion. Lifelong experiences are made up of the external - "the circumstances" of one's life (the focus of your post) and the internal-- the "feelings" and "emotions" - the ups and downs of one's life. Have you ever been moved to a state of near bliss while on a wonderful vacation in some beautiful place? When I've felt like this, I'm compelled to light up a fine cuban cigar while sipping a premium single malt scotch. This state of mind can obviously provoke different behaviors for different people... but the point I wish to make is that it's not just my life's circumstances that can affect my (purchase) behavior, but my emotional state of mind affects my behavior as well. Maybe some day Social Media Monitoring technology will advance to the point where "Sentiment Analysis" will not just focus on whether I'm mad or happy with a product or company and will be able to interpret my overall "mood/emotional" state. Some day as I walk along the winding shoreline paths of the peaks of Santorini Greece as the sun is beginning to set I expect that my phone will buzz with a message letting me know that I am approaching a village that has a shop that sells fine cuban cigars and that I'm .5 miles away from an outdoor restaurant patio where I can enjoy my cigar and the sunset while sipping on a dram of my favorite whiskey.
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Sep 15, 2010