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The best reason to write a book is that you have something important and new of book-length significance to say. The best reason not to write a book is that you don't. This doesn't mean you don't have new ideas. But if your ideas are a bunch of valuable but varied insights vs a coherent new idea, that's not a good book. There are so many books out there. The second best reason not to write a book is that you aren't willing to put your whole life into it. Because it does frustrate clients, family, other people you care about. It's not just writing, it's promotional effort. Those who plow ahead despite the last two reasons create books that aren't that good, and don't sell. Not worth it.
Will follow you anywhere. /josh
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2009 on I'm Joining Edelman at Logic+Emotion
Having done both social applications for listening and surveys, here's a way to look at it. Listening platforms and other forms of online listening are good at surfacing interesting ideas and problems from customers. Their weakness is that they only see the people who talk online. So they overrepresent the people who like to share. Surveys can be much more representative, and are the best way to get at representative data. But of course, you only get answers to the questions you ask. You don't get answers to the things that may be really important. Good research and business decisions need both. Smart marketers and strategists won't depend on only one channel in gathering insights.
Thank you for the review, Mauro. I am coming to Italy (Rome) on 4 June. More news on my blog.
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Unlike some of the posters I don't lament the advent of these posts . . . but I think we'd all feel better if there were standards for them. So go for it.
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John, it was great to have you on the panel. Do you think corporate blogging has peaked? What are you doing to improve it? And improve trust?
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