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Thanks for a great summary of CircLabs, Ken. It's an interesting project and I like that people who have solid backgrounds in local journalism are backing it. In my book, though, the add-on approach has strong limitations. I can see its appeal to AP, as the add-on is a way to circumvent people going to search engines to find substitute content - kind of a floating "Sphere," if you will. This approach is likely to meet with plenty of competition over time from other recommending technologies. I like a lot of the RJI initiatives but the fundamental flaw in Circulate is assuming that search is the enemy. Search is the free marketplace, a marketplace in which journalism must find its place more effectively.
Great deal. As owner of I am encouraged that the market is picking up again. If you have ideas on how best to sell it in this market I am open to them.
Interesting point, Steve, certainly many people are hesitant to mix personal and professional lives - hence the relative success of LinkedIn as a professional social networking environment. Yet certainly a younger generation has grown up quite used to this mix and older people have become more accustomed to it thanks to the economic downturn that forces many to seek out personal relationships that may be able to point them towards professional relationships. Thinking of the countless funds spent in the bond trading business on golfing through the years to build relationships with clients, I don't think that this mixture is such a new idea, but certainly social media takes it to new heights of breadth and efficiency. All the best, John Blossom President Shore Communications Inc.