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Julian Bond
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We seem to have trashed the student flat. But never mind, the course will be finished soon and we can just walk away from it.
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Thank you, Mark, for a well written article. I'm very glad that Camden, The City, Kensington and Chelsea and all the other boroughs use their rates income to subsidise free parking for M/C. And for my own borough outside London, I'd happily pay a little more on Council tax if it meant that most short stay[1] parking was made free again. Unfortunately councils have become addicted to parking charge and parking fine income. Despite the fact that it's hurting local businesses. It's no longer about demand management, it's about raising money pure and simple. [1]I do recognise that long stay car parking particularly for commuters is a problem. It has a lot of side effects in congestion and use of limited curb space but almost none of these side effects apply to M/C
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I've been banging on about this for a while now. I don't want a great "MyPortal" page. I want a great "AboutMe 2.0" page that is indexed by Google. It should have links to everything I belong to and ideally links to everything I post on the net, anywhere. are going in this direction.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2006 on I want one of these now at The Obvious?
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