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looking forward to seeing your review. I chose the brennan manning book instead.
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Bruce, be careful the can of worms that you open...I think in an ideal world I'd say we could agree to disagree, and get along together, but we don't live in an ideal world, do we? I had some hope that TPUP would have done something toward that ideal, but in the end that will be assessed as another failed effort. What TPUP failed to acknowledge was that our unity boils down to these two things: pension and property. What pains me is the huge effort being undertaken today to ensure we stay together, but I would question how the purpose of Christ is served by binding churches together by way of their property? So...if a church wants to go, let 'em go. It does not promote the unity of the denomination to hold property as a way of forcing a church into dialog, or into a compromise position, or into a position of agreeing to disagree.
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