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j. brotherlove
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Hudson needs to distance herself from Holiday and stop accepting these types of gigs. She's a talented singer in her own right. Pandering to Holiday (who is clearly benefiting from Hudson's buzz) is embarrassing. I can understand why she's bitter about it. People remake songs and roles all the time. By accepting the role or Effie (and doing a great job with it), all Hudson owes Holiday is a "thank you" for establishing such a rich role.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2007 on Jennifer Holiday/Hudson backstage feud at SGL Café
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Damn! This is the first I've heard about Alice Coltrane passing. Thanks Trent.
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Hey man, Happy Birthday! Keep doin' your thing!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2006 on XXXVI at BEATS and RANTS
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I'm way behind on my Jazzhole consumption. I'm still spinning Circle Of The Sun.
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