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Instead of guiding principles, what if we asked guiding questions? I like it.
I'm pretty sure selfless is what you're looking for
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This is also known as eNPS (employee NPS) and is referred to in The Ultimate Question 2.0
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Re: How do you get back felt accountability when it is lost My first thought is that is there any place or any instance within the organisation that is, if not a bright spot, at least a less dark spot? In an organisation as large as United, I'd expect the contempt can't be perfect just as felt accountability can't be perfect in better organisations. I'd wonder then how that exception could be exploited. The example you provided with the pilot suggests that the underlying sense of accountability still exists but is suppressed by policy. Is there a way to create mutual support for people like this so they can maintain hope and, I suppose, what we could call resistance? Is there weakness in current systems and policy from the perspective of what is currently valued by United management, that is cost? How might we highlight those weaknesses to begin to undermine the status quo, using their own value system, and shift toward something better?
I wrote a fairly long article about subtle details of stand-ups in the Agile context:
I'd go with Merry Christmas, personalized card telling you that your current drink that you were expecting to pay for is free
If you like Drive, I'd suggest "Why We Do What We Do" by Edward L. Deci and Richard Flaste
Have you read How to Measure Anything by Douglas Hubbard?
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Dec 18, 2010