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and yet both my ainol paladin (mips tablet) and my huiwei u8150 (super cheap android phone) don't work or must use backleveled netflix code... hardly bragworthy.
2 years is at least 1 marketing generation from now.. so the current execs at netflix that support this ingenious 60% price raise will probably feel a shift in the winds by that time. I expect that they will find a way to "lower their prices" and make DVD subscriptions affordable by that time. If they don't, for a 1 month fee of $8, you can re-up once in the next 24 months. What I will say, is that now that I am streaming-only (I immediately cancelled DVDs so that I didn't forget) I am disappointed in the interface and in the (in)ability to "save" titles that are currently unavailable via streaming. Netflix ought to fix that simply by merging queues for streaming-only customers.
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Aug 6, 2011