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Hi Loveline, It looks like you do not know the difference between a Bishop of a Diocese and an Archbishop. A bishop governs the Diocese while an Archbishop governs an Ecclesiastical province and has a headquarter in an Archdiocese. That is why you have the Archdiocese of Bamenda with Dioceses of Kumbo,Diocese of Buea,Diocese of Mamfe that has Bishops which we call them as OUR LORDSHIP. e.g The Bishop of Buea Diocese is HIS LORDSHIP Emmanuel Bushu and so he cannot be called His Grace because he has not been raised to the rank of an ArchBishop and Buea Diocese eventhough old in Age and History is not an Archdiocese. In the Anglophone section of Cameroon we have only one Archdiocese which is the Bamenda Archdiocese. You can call it the Metropolitan sea of Bamenda with its Archbishop called His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua. Any how this was just a correction please so that we should not be confused between who is an Inspector of Police and who is the Commissioner of Police eventhough all are Policemen and speak the same language. Maybe you might have predicted the creation of Buea Archdiocese and so let me also predict the creation of Kumba Diocese in the Buea Archdiocese and Kom Diocese in the Archdiocese of Bamenda. Happy Easter to all including those who write to please a group of people and those sponsored by their Godfathers in Yaounde. Free minded writers i wish you well and i pray that the good Lord should touch the hearts of those who think that Bi Mvondo Paul (Pa Brenda and Junior)should be given another term of office to finish his bad governance die with Christ on Good Friday and rise on Easter night to say NO to the amendment of that constitution by the self centred fools of the glass house and the CPDM family. Papa God this one na the prayer for your pikin them eventhough the deed has already been done Papa make we no gree Amen. Even Ben Muna with yi red eyes papa don deny too whe e mean say na real bad thing for do.Papa we thank Muna how whe yi don confirm for we say yi be na true true pikin for a'bere Maths. as we di talk say "Like father like son".Form party whe yi no get millitants as for true man whe e support this man no get sense. Lawyer whe he be lawless pass Ngum for Bamenda. We sabi say this people di do so for hide them bad bad fashion and say make Frank Biya take over from yi Papa continue for di tif we small groundnut money. Papa make you no gree at all at all. We di beg this one through your pikin Jesus Christ. Amen.
Mami NEO, Who will be your judges and where will they come from and what will they be judging and on who's favor? Hahahahahaha day dreamer. Stories of the 12th Century. The case will be null and void with tight hands. hahahahaha.
I am sincerely pleading on Rexon to take some time off the keyboard as he is drunk and confused. I wonder what this rapist think about himself. If Tita thinks he is fighting a just battle with Ni John Fru Ndi let him venture to disturb the NEC meeting. Let me tell you that a single finger raised on Fru Ndi or any of the delegates will be accounted for by you and your leaders, Tita and Muna. BEWARE,BE WARN that Cameroonians are waiting for you. Are you sincerely sure that SCNC will one day succede? How many people know about this your Internet issue? Sincerely speaking from the look of things and the kind of arguments i read from you Rexon, I say to hell with SCNC and let those arrested in connection to this group remain in jail until thy kingdom come.I hope Rexon joins them there so soon. Idiot. Look at Bamenda and see how suprised the onlookers were when this old people were arrested and you will know that nobody is ready to fight or give any support to the SCNC. When i say this, Rexon Rapist, please take a look at your life and ask your stupid figure if you are normal upstairs or that you are simply excited sitting on a free Computer keyboard to talk nonsense.Do you even have time to Work Rexon? It is like your office is in a Cyber room as i doubt if you can afford a PC. Akoson just gave you my words." Rexon It easier said than done". When Nfor Ngalla was English teacher in those good days of his in Yaounde,SCNC was none event to him. He is now trying to bite the finger that feed him. Listen to the voice of the voiceless through SDF my brother and make haste to change your stupid thoughts.
Valley of French England, you are a real sample of a liar. Why can't you say you were short of words to write? Why is it that you want to paint white as black? You are a stupid liar as to say some people blocked you from commenting. Your write ups are so good as we need them to laugh at when better and meaning ideas have been exhausted by better forum mates like Watesih and Rexon. I comment just when it is hot and i see people like you soffucating because of your tongue.This is just the beginning of the real baptism of Fire coming to you and your god father Acho Muna.I am happy you can comment now so please fight hard to reverse the decision of Hon. Ngwasiri to suit your evil intentions. The question now for Vally of England is: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF DIBOULE? I hope you take a good quantity of anti collapsing drugs this days as things are rough on your camp now.Shame my brother and i do not know if your Christmas will be the same as that of Prof.
"et veritas liberabit vos" This is a genuine step taken by Ngwasiri who has of late been a thorn to my flesh, SDF and to Cameroonians of Godwill. I want to express my sincere appreciation to him for the giant step to expose Praise singers of Ben Acho Muna and the old SCNC idoit S.N Tita not leaving out the paid praise singers in the forum like Mukete,Vally of England Benf. It is true he has apologised and as a lost son he has once more been accepted like the prodigal son in the Bible.So i will once more call him Hon. Prof. Ngwasiri just like the Chairman H.E.Ni John Fru Ndi calls him Brother. This is a good example of an elder and so praise singers in the forum please write as much as you can now to sing the praises for SN Tita as he is surely panting to death at this moment in his hut, while Ben Muna is busy making up fresh stories about Hon. Ngwasiri's reversed decisions. The die is cast. Pastor and Ma Ngwasiri you have done well and i am sure your Christmas and New Year will be well spent for putting a lost son back to light. Shame to all who will see no good in what Pa Ngwasiri has done.Your turn is coming when you will vomit out all the chunks of money you have recieved as bribe from Ben and Tita to sing their praises in the forum.Where is Mukete,Valley of England andBenF,please i will like to read from you again about the SDF saga.Is our foolish Chief in the forum dead or alive.Say something bros.Ngwasiri has given you a "Christmas present" so use it now.The truth shall set you free. Hon.Ngwasiri will have a sound sleep this night and am sure no tablets for him again as he has cleansed himself with the water of truth and simplicity. Caution: In as much as he has apologiesd, the apologies should not also be a calculated attempt to bounce back like Muna did when he came back to reconcile himself with NEC with a hidden agenda to kill the party. Any how Muna inherited this bad faith from the last generation of Muna the prison builder and so Professor Ngwasiri will not as he came to apologise with his wife and a Rev.Pastor.Long live the SDF and hope ELECAM should soon disappear from the lips of LIFAKA just like UB Chancellorship has dissappeared from the lips of Lambi the sacrificial Lamb of the PAULO regime.
Please brothers let us forget about this idiot called Atanga. he is leaving in the 16th century am sure. We should tell him about issues of the 21st century. Massa this guy with yi face like accident na real yesterday man.Am sure he has been decieved by Abel Ndeh, J B Ndeh and even Pa Santa the chief corrupta to fall in this pit. Bros Atanga we forgive you for your ignorance about today's happenings. I will not go away without congratulating the Post newspaper for a job well done. Get all this money from this kind of idiots and hand them over to us to crucify. Atanga any comment from me about this 16th Century Bamenda history will be waste of my time and energy. you are a nice fool.
MANGA MANGA I KINDLY BEG YOU TO STOP THIS PROVOCATING AND INSULTING WORDS OF YOURS IN THIS FORUM. Are you a human being or a car? I wonder what you think by comparing human lives with Damm shit of property. It is so clear that you are a force of darkness even to your own self. Forget about the Innocent children who have shed their blood for idiots like you or your family and continue thinking about property. You worship Property because you drink human blood, that is why you see nothing wrong in blood than inthe destruction of property. Idiot. Thank your God that i can only read what you write but cannot see you else the name Manga would have been in "Past Tense" long before now in this forum. The blood of the innocent will question you line by line from your writings. Continue to wag your tail for blood money from Agbor Tabi, Biya, Inoni, Yang, Ngolle, SYNES etc. You will get the results so soon. Children butchered like animals because of a strike. Strike is a normal thing but killing is abnormal. Dear Students, Lynch anybody there who want to confuse you from your idea. Look round that place and you will see Children of this Maggots around you pretending to be with you. Get them for their parents and Sacrifice them as an example and their Yaounde parents will act immediately. Oh Anglophones stand up for your right and fight for your Liberation. NOWEFU, SWELA, ELITES OF THE PROVINCES,show us your wisdom by joining this children to protest so that the International body should know that you have been refused your simple right to live. Manga please spare us another death and kindly stay silent like the Mbe(Chief) in this forum has done and peace will reign. My Condolence to the bereaved families, and May the souls of this Matyrs and the souls of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace.Amen. God save UB and the anglophones. weeping.
Fritzane KiKi Fru Ndi is fighting for people leaving in exile like you to once more gain their freedom and come back home. But all you know is to discredit him. You have lived in darkness for so long and that is why you see no good in Fru Ndi. Better be silent and wait for the day Fru Ndi will annouce that you are free to come back home from Exile. Idiot. Fritz of Hong Kong the refugee, or what ever you call yourselve leave our Chairman alone and continue leaving in exile in peace. You are a baptised Refugee in Hong Kong and cannot go back home so you have no right to say anything about a country that has long forgotten about you. The only good thing about Cameroon in the International scene is that there is at least one person who have the suffering people at heart and that is FRU NDI. Fru Ndi is not fighting for himself or for any family member but for the entire Nation that has been reduced to a group of thieves and money mongers. If Biya is asked to sell Cameroon for a cup of garri he will willingly do so without a second thought. Chairman all this idiots trying to discredit your actions are simply the handy work of the Regime in power.Go ahead and do the right even at the point of death. SDF and FRU NDI is not fighting for party's interest and its millitants but for the people and even for those that have been brainwashed by the bad regime of Paulos Biya and co."Forgive us our tresspasses and let Fritz and his gang be forgiven for their blindness to reality". Amen.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2006 on Inoni Invites Fru Ndi at Up Station Mountain Club
Breaking News Breaking News..... Dr. Herbert Enderley the Rigistrar of the University of Buea is Dead. News just recieved from an unconfirmed source. Can somebody back there in the country and in UB tell us the circumstances that led to the death of this son of the Biya's regime?
Atangana pray for forgiveness. You are a fool of the first order. What you wrote about Chairman Fru Ndi. This writing of yours tells me that, you are one of those who hate progress. You are lucky that i cannot get hold of you like my dog would scatter you into pieces, but will not even eat your meat as it is poison. If we have this issue of an Independent Electoral Commission it is thanks to the efforts of Chairman Fru Ndi. I know you are angry as time has come for Cameroonians to have a taste of fair elections if at all we will have Independent and neutral people to monitor our elections. Atangana if you have learnt your free english please go back home to Yaounde and tell your uncle's to give you a job. Frustrated Idiot. Leave us in peace and spare Cameroonians a chance. You are corrupt from your mouth down to your marrow. Idiot. Fritz or what ever you call yourselve leave our Chairman alone and continue leaving in exile in peace. You are a baptised Refugee in Hong Kong and cannot go back home so you have no right to say anything about a country that has long forgotten about you. If you will want to come home one day when Fru Ndi is rulling kindly send back the lost reputation of Chairman before we could look into your wellbeing. Fru Ndi is fighting for people leaving in exile like you to once more gain their freedom and you want to discredit him? Bros stay silent and wait for the day Fru Ndi will annouce that you are free to come back home from Exile. Idiot Fritz of Hong Khong, I hate your write ups here, so please change and be a good child. This is the voice of an old man who sees so far while sitting. The meeting with Inoni is a step forward as it is clear to the CPDM that nothing good can be done in Cameroon without the opinion of FRU Ndi and the SDF taken into action. Chairman has no question to answer of his accounts or whatever my son atangana. Check your findings and get back to me for clearifications Idiot.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2006 on Inoni Invites Fru Ndi at Up Station Mountain Club
This tyrant is not worthy to be heard of again. May be he was addressing his blood born children who are no different like him. Doh Gah Gwanyin is bad history and need not to be heard in public. His place is at the Ndop Prison and so he should leave the peace loving Balikumbat people alone and go back to where he belongs. He has soiled his hands with blood and is not fit to interceed for the people again. Let my people have a fon of their choice and be at peace. The bad government and the rulling CPDM is the problem in Balikumbat.The bad laws, is a problem. Why was a killer granted bail. Is this the man that the court gave bail with the pretext that he was seriously ill. Is this not the man who after two days of his freedom was parading the streets in his begged car with his girl friends? Is this not the same man who offered a big dinner with the pretext of, nobody is above the Law? He is no more ill, so send him back to Ndop where he belongs. He can kill our new fon. What was the use of a special constituency in Balikumbat? What is the benefit to a Balikumbat man? I think as he has been dethroned as a fon, Pa Brenda in Yaounde should also give up the sit too as the President just like Ahidjo did, and simply go and let Cameroonians have a new President. I am sure for now in the whole country H.E. NI JOHN FRU NDI is the only one fit for the PRESIDENCY. Paul Biya has also soilled his hands and cannot redeem Cameroon in anyway and so he should simply go and let peace reign. To the new fon i say do not worry as he is fighting a lost battle. You did not make yourself a fon. The people made you and so be strong. His treats can do you nothing. John Kohtem is fighting it for you and with the numerous Bafanji people that this idiot saw them to their graves prematurely are also praying for you. This is a man who declared war on Bafanji just because he saw Bafanji more developed than Balikumbat.The sons and daughters of Balikumbat and Bafanji lost their lives and property in this unpopular war just because of the greed and jealousy of this idiot who is always protected by the CPDM government.What will you expect of a killer like this who will have to crumble the junior brother simply because of self pride? Who owns the lofty car you ride ex. Mbe, i mean the PRADO you begged from ALoysius Galabe when you were coming home as a Parliamentarian and needed a "JESUS entry to Jerusalem" in Balikumbat. I think it is high time you start sending back begged things and re-instate peoples liberty and rights in Balikumbat.After all your time is up and so they are free and i can see the brothers of Late Kohtem feeling free in Balikumbat now. Go back to Ndop as your fellow brothers(Prisoners) are waiting from you. What news about his salary from the National assembly. I wait to hear one of this days too but be sure it will be stopped. Idiot of a Man caling himself a Mayor or a Parliamentarian. Go back to Ndop Prison and even be the house speaker there. That is where you belong Vincent the thief of a chief.
I am so happy with the news that these gentlemen of substance has sent to this forum. I want to Salute Akoson, Tayong and Watesih. Bros more grease to your elbows. I know people like the pocket Mbe, the Vals, Rexon, and the numerous Yaounde idiots on this forum like the blattant fool of a Mukete is now suffocating under this terrible shocking news that i just read. Mr.Mbe if at all you are one. Be ready to give answers to your subjects on all these rubbish that you have been writting on this paper. The poor people sent you to school to learn how to govern them not to clap hands for 5.000frs a month from Bi Mvondo. I advice you if at all you are out here do not go back as they will follow you with Matchets, Matches and petrol just like what happened to Vegah Simon of Babanki. Do you know your other brother in Balikumbat who was the talk of the day? I mean the dethroned CPDM Mayor, Parliamentarian, PTA president, Preseident of the illegal fon's union, President of NW Contractors, and everlasting Fon of Balikumbat. Where is he today? So be careful and learn from past happenings. Just like Paul is thinking of what will happen to Junior and Brenda so also think of what will happen to you if you continue in this stupid manner in presenting your foolishness to the public. Fons were never heard shouting in public so why are you shouting if at all you are a fon. Are you sure you have the so called certificates? Are you not sure that they are from the same frauters in UB? I am sure you are hiding under the protection of Yaounde. Time has come when all rulers will answer first to questions from their subjects. Look ahead and start making peace, right from this forum before going home.I am also a silent fon as i head my own family like wise any other person in this forum .So do not frighten us with your useless tittle of a Mbe. Rexon how na bros? So why have you decided to be the most vocal stupid fool in the Universe? Anyhow i have you for the next rendez vous. Cameroon is Corrupt and we need to clean it and i am sure if open minded people like Watesih, Akoson, Fru Ndi etc were given a good ear, then someday we will have to sing a song of victory one good day. How can we see victory if hand clappers like the so called Mbe in this forum continue to decieve their subjects with commands and turn round to clap for corruption to continue because Yaounde feeds them. Vally of England has certainly go on self exile so i advice Mbe and Rexon to do same. I will always come in to praise you for you right doing and will not fail to give a good spang on any face be it a Mbe or a Nchinda in this forum who wants to tilt justice and truth for personal gains. Where is Ben's praise singer? I have not heard from you at all. While we cry for salvation of Cameroon Ben is pleading to be given an opportunity to form a political party. MINAT will not make that mistake to grant him his request. Eventhough MINAT is also controlled by members of the same Yaounde gang they also fear the big gangster Ben. Fru Ndi is the only person God had chosen to save Cameroon from the hands of the Mbe's and the Rexon's God father's in Yaounde. Britain and America have said it all and i know i will also want to tell Mbe and his people in this forum that time is up for the to go back and get their last salaries as next month no pay. No Christmas gift for you Mbe from Yaounde. Fritzane is there a Chief in the South West? Anybody can be one over night. It is so easy to be one. Take the procedure of our Mbe in the forum. "Get up tomorrow morning with a balck loin cloth tied round your waiste wearing a white shirt and a red tilted cap with a broom in hand and you will be a southwest chief". No argument. Go to Yaounde and sing a song of praise to our older Chief Paul Biya and you will get an envelope too. That is what a southwest chief is. Who are the chiefs asking for roads and at the same time singing praises so as to get Christmas presents from their uncle in Yaounde? Funny family heads in the name of chiefs. Chiefs are meant to be custodians of tradition but i see that all of these idiots have sold our traditions to yaounde in exchange for daily personal bread. Shame to you Southwest chiefs.Thiefs or Chiefs? We have said much about Muna so make we excuse he for rest small. What of Ngwasiri? Pa we learnt of your death not rumoured in the quaters but over a renowned radio Station. Why did you not come out like you use to do in Yaounde everyday to speak and address your supporters? You said all bad things about Fru Ndi and now it is your turn to get yours.Fru Ndi is Alive, Strong Active and Fighting the course for Liberation.Your own news was aterrible one and so simple.Ngwasiri is dead. It was no news to me as i do not even know your importance as a Professor and a Parliamentarian.I have nothing good to say about you so dead or alive it make no news.I am sure you paid tribute to the Hero Mac Viviane Foe. Not even a single fly will do so for you if you die as you make no history for Cameroon. You have been a disaster and disgrace to the Mendankwe people and to the Opposition of Cameroon by selling your dignity for money.I know you were decieved by the Ngembo boy just like his father did so many years ago. Why is it that it was mama who spoke on your behalf telling us that you are not dead and not in London. Is it true that you are death and mama wants to keep your body until after elections before it is announced? People, if Ngwasiri thinks that he is still alive why can't he speak to us as he use to do? I will want to believe that if by Friday we do not see you or hear from you in this paper then we will conclude that either it is true that you are dead or that you are dying.PaPa Hon. Ngwasiri please don't die as it will be a big disgrace for you to abandon a war front prematurely as your army general Ben has proven incompetent in everything he has ever handled. I am the cutlass that cuts all evil forces in the way of peace and justice. I know just two things: good to be preserved and evil to be destroyed.My bros Rexon see you next time.I advice you to change camp or you get it real hot next.This one na introduction.
Hahaha Contri people make i send telegram for Delegue them. Mr. Government Delagate, Thanks for the initiative to tell us the new sources where you will have to steal the hard earned money from those old women down there in Limbe BUYAM SELLAM. I am so sorry for you even wasting time to tell us your new plans as we are tired and bored getting this flashy ideas. Maybe you deserve a tap on the back as you are telling us how the council will be connected to a network of computers to cub fraud. You lie as na dasso the same computer whe man make and it is easy to do anything there. Corruption and embezzlement is in the bornes of all of you who sits there to pretentiously say you are working for the people. Continue to steal your own share and better stay quiet. Go to Bamenda and ask Abel Ndeh how he does in stealing the money from the SDF council and you will better learn to be silent.Any how Pa Ndeh di try for yi own level for develop Abakwa town. This Cameroon na real peaceful country. Idoits are enjoying while Cameroonians suffer in silence. No it must stop. Pa Brenda don tire with age, stealing, then confusion di worry ye now so for Yaounde and he is no longer interested in you Gov't Delegates. Start Parking as you are going home next year and better take more so that when you are called to answer like ONDO NDONG the amount go be reduced.See how much one small council di allocate for entertainement. Six million but how much will be used to that effect and entertaining who? Cameroonians suffering in the hands of money mongers. I di salute Pa Tadzong Abel Ndeh for Bamenda. How na Pa? How much you don take this year from your sponsors overseas? Chop your own before time catch you. What account will Abel Ndeh give after leaving office? How many roads did he construct for the city of Bamenda or even maintain? Newlayout Nkwen crying everyday. I no go blame you sef pa. I go blame na the SDF for accepting the government to run a Council owned by them. Prince Amando is silently taking the orders of Abel Ndeh as Ndeh has the veto power to run the council not even the SDF elected team headed by Amando.Any how Sam for Limbe council thank you plenty but Limbe needs a lot to be done and you will not be able to do as time is up. Lef that place so. Where is the Limbe Market situated? That is not a Market Delegue as even Belo Market better pass that one for Limbe. Make all Mayor them and the so called Government Delgates go for Belo Kom ask the Mayor for Belo Tosam Bernard Nenghabi whati be yi secret for development? Or go Kumbo Council ask Mayor Donatus Njong his own secret. No shame i beg. Just try sometime we fit get a way forward. I am teling you Cameroonians this is an irony of a CPDM government. MR. government delegate who you want to fool here. We don tire wuna and the lies them. I beg make wunna lef we so. No even do anything no palava. Go Bamenda see roads. Ngeng junction well tared,Ayaba road, Elf Nkwen sote for Mobile well tared with what MUD everyday when some boy boy minister di come Bamenda.Oh my God are you sleeping. Wake up and clean this country from this mess. When you wan start the clean up campaign papa God call me make i show you all them. We go start from Yaounde sote we finish the whole country. God save the remaining crumbs of Cameroon. Pa Junior Congratulations as you no comot for front page for that bigbig book for bad people.Your number no bad at all. You try.hahaha na Cameroon this. Ahidjo we beg you move the curse for your pikin them head and them go bring your body back for your compound.Na laugh this.
Hey Nav, I am aware that you are one of those in this forum who have been paid by the said fool of a Ben Muna against the God given National Chairman of the SDF. I wanted to find out and to confirm in this forum some of you who are his close relatives and paid idiots of Ben Muna. Thank God you came out so clearly.I know you had your own share after serving him as a slave in stranglling the SDF party.You know a genealogy of facts about his personal life as to give me the corrections. Idiot. If you are not well settled know that i am one of those devoted sons of Cameroon out here who is so proud of my country and hate to think about some of you who have been spoon fed from ill gotten money.Proving the idiot's ignorance. Where you dey na country man make we talk man to man if you think say Ben Muna pass God for up. "Me i be na disciple for light and truth and na so i don di succede for my sweat. Ben Muna from the day whe yi papa been born yi he was destined for Confusion and so he is simply living his destiny". A lawyer who cannot defend the course for Justice and will always want to tilt the truth with empty supporters like you. So where are you my bros? hahahahaa. Yes the reason why Fru Ndi will even sleep on a floor is because he is trying as much as possible to gather the crumbs of Cameroon together, while Ben Muna and the Mendankwe confused Ngwasiri continue to scatter. I do not care about what might be going on with Ngwasiri, whether dead or alive, but i pray he stays on to see the ills he has commited against Cameroon. Clinton might have had the worst record on earth but let me remind you that the case of Ben Muna and whoever in this forum trying to support this idiots will recieve it negatively from me. I am not interested in whatever you say but to tell you the little i know as i am ready to fight physically if words will finish. Hhahahaha. I know you have not been able to travel back to Cameroon for sometime now and so i will invite you to come with me home in December and you see if that is the same country you will call your fatherland. Everything going backwards, and idiots like you defend a dirty course for Ben Muna in paper.I live the experience at least once a year and i hate thinking of that name Ben Muna. You fool. Fru Ndi have had 16yrs and will have till his course is completed. What about Nelson Mandela of South Africa? How long did he fight his course even in jail? So how do you enjoy South Africa today? That is how Fru Ndi will continue till Cameroon will answer "Present" to his wish starting from 2007 elections. Fru Ndi will sweep the house this time with a giant broom. If Ben Muna is serious he should launch his party and get members like you to run for elections with the SDF and see if you will have one vote.It is not difficult to have a party in Cameroon so he should leave the SDF alone and get his own party if he is dying to be a Chairman.What good has ever come out from Muna apart from this type of a rubbish. Idiot. Pity for you.
Hey Hey, I am so sorry for some of you who will want to say useless things here about the SDF. Nothing has ever happened to Cameroon more than having FRU NDI who i will always call the EYE OPENER. I do not care whether you accept or refuse. The truth is clear but mongers like some of you will always want to tilt the truth for private reasons. Fru Ndi is and will remain the Father of Democracy in Cameroon and fools like Ben Muna,Ngwasiri will always want to come like the Devils to tilt peace. What was Ben planning to do with the SDF if the judgement was passed in his favour. SELL IT TO THE CPDM just like his father did to the WEST Cameroon.Why could Ben not form his own party if he thinks he have a better plan for Cameroon? Can Ben head the SDF? Has he been able to head his own home for a decade? If at his age he is not able to manage a home how will he be able to manage the SDF or Cameroon? Ben has five children with a woman he do not even know her whereabout, the children are out of the country and has a set of twins, the first child is a Medical Doctor aged 36 is Specialising in America and the last child is about 27years. All of them are happily settled abroad and here he is setting confusion in Cameroon and getting ready to disappear out to live in a hotel abroad as he is even unable to build a good house for himself.Can you build the SDF if you cannot build a single room for yourselve? Dear Mr. Barrister stop creating confusion as our children are suffering today from the works of your father and we will not wait to see you or any other name of MUNA come out to divide what has been built for so long. Fru Ndi is the People and if you fight him or the SDF then you fight the people and consequently you are holding red coal in your hands. The judges or the State Counsels in Yaounde are afraid to call you for interrogation just because you were working on instruction from the Regime in power and now they turn round to question the innocent.MR. Chairman, if you are called to that nonsense place again send them your dog to represent you as i think your dog has a lot of ideas to put into those empty heads. Muna is now claiming Mfoundi as his birth home as he thinks only the Mfoundi court is suitable for the hearing of the issue between his tugs and the SDF.Shame to the Wicked.MR. Hungry Chairman Ben, come home again and apologise to Fru Ndi and you will be recieved again like the prodigal son, but i wonder if that happened in the Bible twice.Can i propose you a party name to get for yourselve and the old Mendankwe idiot? (DIP)Dangling Idiots Party. Why is the CPDM silent about the issue of bringing Muna for questioning? How can two people fight an one is questioned thrice and the other none. That is a clear prove that he belongs to the house of the questionaires. IS it because he is a Barrister? IS he above the Law? Is there no clause in the same law that says"equality before the law" It is terrible and let it stop. Muna lef Fru Ndi and SDF alone and Form your own party. God save my country
Hi Folks, It is of no use talking about the issue of Corruption in this Jungle of Wolves and tigers. I am so sorry thinking about this issue of misapproriation of public funds in Cameroon. I am so sorry as the jungle is all made up of wolves that belong to the same origin and tigers of the same breed. I will propose that we start from the inner jungle before coming out to the surroundings. Can somebody in the Regime stand up today to confess that he has not embezzel? Can the President of the Jungle claim ignorant of not having soiled his hands for once? What about the boys on the streets too? Using a simple whistle that is bought for 250frs to extort huge sums of money from poor drivers on the streets and our highways? It is a curse which started from the day Cameroon and this jungle Wolves came to Power. I will think that a good broom or better call it a giant broom should be used to sweep the jungle so that new breed of Wolves should come in to power. This idiot with the use of a simple pen bought for 50frs took away 29 billion and the President of the Country with his hand clapping hanging coat Diplomats travelled to Beijing with a bowl in hand to beg for 2.5 billion. Strangle him to death as it is a terrible disgrace for the whole of Cameroon to see this type of people live among children who are innocent. Why was Ahidjo's money burnt? Was it not because the wolves thought he was a bad man? Is Cameroon in any way better than the Ahidjo's Cameroon of yesterday? How many structures have been put up in Cameroon to improve Ahidjo's regime? These people are concentrating in painting Ahidjo's buildings and never thinking of coming up with a new structure. What about the Yaounde University Campus which has turned into private residences for most of the Ewondo people? Why are the University students no more recieving the treatment as was done during the last regime. Why is it that at the age of 70 people still cling to Offices in Cameroon? Some are even younger than their Children.The answer is Embezzle more till they die. In my Opinion i think that Cameroon should be deliver from this bondage by sending away all this wolves and money eaters by burning just like the Ahidjo's money was burnt. How much money was spent to travel to the Great Wall and what was it there that Cameroon could not do? Is this not the same Cameroon that under Ahidjo sometime in the 70's gave aid to China and today shamefully brandishes a bowl to beg from? The Chinese government though poor in the early days, have worked so hard to come up to what it is today, and our Country has been working so well in stealing public funds and now turn back to beg from China as Europe is already tired of giving to Camroon. God save this peaceful Country from the hands of the wolves. Why has the government abandoned students sent out on Government scholarship? This is because people like Ondo Ndong have taken all the money into the private family accounts and their children are feeding fat from ill gotten money. Everything under the earth has time and i think it is time for us to do away with Corruption in Cameroon.