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Well, I am of mixed feelings here. I was disappointed when FeedDemon was turned into a free but ad-supported program, especially since I owned a valid license at the time and received no credit for it. Now it is good to see FeedDemon going back to a paid app - but to offer discounts only for those who paid a small "tip" to remove ads in V.3? I had two valid licenses when FeedDemon was made ad-supported: one regular PC license and one for Windows Mobile. After getting bit with two active licenses back then why should I purchase yet another license now that you've changed your mind again, Nick? What is to prevent you from changing it again halfway through this new license? No, I don't think I'll pay full price again for another license. Jim McGowan
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PerfectDisk, I installed PD10 and it went fine - but it did not remove PD8. PD8 is still there, raring to go. I can uninstall it myself, but will that also remove any needed files/drivers for PD10? Jim
Same question as Jason T. I am a PD 2008 user and received an email about getting an early release last week. I downloaded it but it tries to install in a different Program Files folder so I canceled the installation until I could find out whether ot not I need to uninstall PD 3008 first, or leave it as is. Of course then I'd have both installed which can't be a good thing. Unless PD 10 automatically uninstalls PD 2008. On Tuesday - Release Day for PD 10 - I received an email offering an upgrade discount, but I have the Extended contract and can upgrade free. I just cannot find where to get the release version downloaded from. A little help, please? Thanks! Jim
Interesting concept. Though I use tags extensively in my notes applications, I hadn't really considered tagging in my newsreader. I'll certainly give it a good try when either the new version or a beta is available. Thank you for your continued efforts, Nick! Jim
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2008 on FeedDemon Tagging Update at Nick Bradbury
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