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Tris: great points on an important topic. Agree with you that 'most people have no idea how their success is truly measured at work'. It's a leadership + management issue. Equally important, IMO: most people involved in knowledge-based work [like B2B sales] lack the analytics with which to gauge the results they're producing from the work that they're doing. Which makes 'success' not only tough to define, but even harder to improve. It's a learning + personal accountability issue. Done well, performance analytics are both success-inducing and learning-provoking. They create clarity where once there was just fog. From which alignment naturally flows as leadership naturally occurs.
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Great points, Sandy. My two bits: what you measure should also be performance-inducing. The very best metrics, IMO, are ones that (in addition to being specific, simple, sensitive to change, and timely) enable people on the front lines of execution to see, quickly, the impacts they're having on the end-game. Such metrics, like you say, aren't easy to come by. They are, however, game-changers.
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Feb 19, 2010