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Volkswagen Golf BEV in 2013 compares with the Nissan Leaf?
Because, Gosh, that's what our Big Oil bosses told us to say.
Kudos to the authors for considering water resources plus human caused atmospheric degradation. No mention in the post of the source of the natural gas. Also there is the question of infrastructure. Lastly, does Bill Gates think gas is cute?
This would be a good thing if not violating patent for the LiFePO4 batteries that Valence makes. There has been at least one previous patent fight about this advanced lithium battery material.
I agree with mahonj. Cleaner, low carbon electricity for the Grid (Mains) is one issue. Cleaner transportation with electric propulsion is related, yet a separate issue. Connecting them in a project may help one imagine the possibilities and such development helps overcome resistance to grid-tied solar.
In the past, to slur someone, you would say, "Your mother wears combat boots." Now, it would be, "Your mother goes to MIT." Search for Tony Meggs, listed as MITEI Visiting Engineer, and you find him listed as Group Vice President for British Petroleum. American Clean Skies Foundation, which provided support for the study, was founded by Aubrey K. McClendon, the billionaire CEO of Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy Corp., one of the country's top sellers of natural gas.
(Takes a deep breath) Man, we are red lining it and you crazies are yapping hockey stick. If you look closely, you can see one, but you keep denying it. What you really want to deny is that with BAUAAAE what we see at the end of the graph is the blade of the next hockey stick... with a much bigger puck.
Like SciAm, Climate Progress, NY Times, etc., too many people are reading GCC. The quality of its posts and historical level of discussion means it has become a target. The approach is obvious, if unable to debate the facts intelligently, then shout it down.
@HarveyD I would prefer to describe 250g/Km as a travesty. Also, it would be of interest to compare a list of technologies for over-the-road hauling with what seems to be a list intended for passenger vehicles.
Because it keeps the environment a secondary concern. Use dollars-CO2 per mile.
Nothing in the preceding commentary about the reduction of human-caused degradation of the atmosphere, which would seem to decry the purpose of the X-prize. And, while it is vital that we eliminate coal-fired electric power plants, as a general statement, the above comment is incorrect that electric drive is disadvantageous when the electricity is coal generated.
@HarveyD The problem is a focus on efficiency rather than on a combined metric that estimates cost, energy used, and CO2 emitted per miles traveled. For super capacitors to stay in the game, they need to come down significantly in price.
Difficult to top the JFTFH comment. Would be nice if those MIT researcher talked with the MIT folks that support coal as part of federal energy policy.
Now if the Congress critters were serving constituents they would respect such science. Such a transition in the agriculture sector is doable, yet not easy. Still such a transition is a heck of lot easier now, when there still are resources, rather than after a Peak Oil crash. And, speaking of respect for such findings, would that apply to the DoE / USDA partnership that espouses such improvement?