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Hi Camper, I am also friends with the Glassers and we had this exact discussion in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I am the founder of and (we sell over 20 different tonic syrups to customers in Australia and shortly in the US). I have been investigating importing cinchona bark for the DIY market to both Australia and the US, and will be bringing in different varietals form 3 different countries. One thing readers of your blog should be made aware of is that there are many different species of cinchona. Each species of cinchona has different levels of alkaloids and different levels of quinine. Here is a table you and your readers may find interesting: Table: Alkaloid Content Comparison by Cinchona species Species Total Alkaloids (%) Quinine Content (%) C. calisaya 3 - 7 0 - 4 C. pubescens 4.5 - 8.5 1 - 3 C. officinalis 5 - 8 2 - 7.5 C. ledgeriana 5 -14 3 - 13 C. succirubra 6 - 16 4 - 14 So ask which varietal you are getting. The above is just a guide. Hope it is useful. So knowing which varietal you are getting helps in knowing which are stronger etc.
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Jul 4, 2010