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Thank God my parents sent me to Catholic school to be with decent human beings.
The beheading thing is actually elsewhere. My bad, but the incest sanction is most certainly 2:223.
Lantern Road Elementary can be reached at (317) 594-4140. Make sure to ask why they're teaching kids to "kill any Jew [who happens to be a pig or monkey] who comes under your power" and why they're teaching that girls shouldn't be in school, but rather, should have been pimped into incestuous, pedophilic sex slavery at 6 and should be getting raped by a 53-year-old, mass-murdering uncle right about now. Because approval of Allah requires wholehearted belief in both of those things. Hey Christian dhimmi apologist: they taught your kid to go home and rape his mother and sisters and then behead them if they disagree with him! (Koran 2:223.)
Do NOT go to that Reality Check website. Fox is saying that the government is collecting IP addresses of people who visit federal websites, and that Google may be pushing them to do this. That would make sense in light of the thing and this: Pamela, you may even want to remove that link altogether.
If she had done that on a street corner it would be called what it is: prostitution, but work out a price regarding money for vagina and sign a piece of paper in a mosque and it's 'marriage.' Go figure. Mohammedan 'marriage' is not marriage. It is prostitution. Period. If the state didn't certify it, it's not marriage. Not even arguably. If anything, this serves to negate my sympathy toward the victim and any statement that she was murdered for being too 'Western.' Clearly, she was as tribal and Sharia-ey as they come.
Former Haaretz editor asked Condie to 'rape' Israel during a confidential briefing: Yes, it's a mental illness.
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@Tammy: is great for ripping YouTube vids.
Now now, Pamela. He didn't necessarily go to Pakistan for jihad or drugs. Those are only two of the three things Pakistan has ever had to offer. He might have gone there to have sex with children. We shouldn't dismiss that possibility so readily. I personally think it was about jihad, since he got into Columbia that same year, Arab Islamic terrorist connections are the only thing that explain his admission to Columbia (don't underestimate the power of the Arab student visa racket, especially at Columbia), and Pak/Afghanistan was where all the real mujahideen were in 1981. But it could have been about sex with children.
Thanks, Richard! I have my own blog now:, which is as on the fritz as my computer at the moment. I'm on Astute Bloggers, too, somehow and I'm still doing the Bulletin of Christian Persecution, and a couple of Copts have asked me to start working with them on, which they just started last week. I was on Vladtepes for a while but Eeyore got scared that I would get him hauled before the Canadian Human Rights Courts. Don't worry. I'm a tough one to shut up. If only I could find something that paid! I still read JW every day but I can't stand how all the comments disappear when the posts get archived. I keep in touch with Fulghum and Proud Kafir and a few others. I hope that you're well.
NakedEmperorNews pulled over this? How insecure are these people? It gives me confidence that their own unscrupulousness will take them down in the end.
I bet it's a lot more than 50 million. Sadly, Christians are better Zionists than most of the Jews I know, which is why almost all my Jewish friends are on the Internet. Even sadder, now Christians are the ones being ethnically cleansed from Muslim countries, and not just the Arabs ones. This isn't new, nut it's stepped up quite a bit since 9/11 and I swear, since I've been doing the Bulletin of Christian Persecution, which is only about 7 months, it's gotten progressively worse. Pakistanis persecute their Christians worse than anyone and this has been going on long before the Taliban started moving in. It's still getting worse in Gaza, too, and of course in the Philippines, which isn't a Muslim country, but the UN just pulled out so they can make Mindanao one like NATO did Kosovo. The Christian consensus is really Israel's best bet because most Jews would sell Israel down the river for a puff of hopium. Sad but true. God, I hate the left. I hate what they did to the Serbs. I hate what they're doing to Israel. I hate their contempt for this Christian nation that I proudly call home. It didn't ease my apprehension about Obama one bit when he appointed Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, but if he had put some nice Evangelicals on his team I might have given him the benefit of the doubt. You know what else is awesome about Christians? I've befriended several of late in Arab countries, mostly Copts, and you would think they would have a problem with my being Jewish since they're inculcated with anti-Semitism day-in, day-out, but no. They're always excited to meet a Jew and to know that their support for us is actually a two-way street in many cases. It's true of Serbs and Pakistanis, but it's most surprising when it comes from Egyptians.
Thanks for running my Bulletin, Pamela. There's a Bulletin of Jew Hatred, too, as well a Bulletin of Persecution of Women and a Bulletin of Cultural Annihilation, as I'm sure you're well-aware. The more people are confronted with these hideous facts the less the 'RoP' meme will hold up.
Underweight with thinning hair? I would sell my soul for hair as think as Sarah Palin's. You should see the legs on that woman on the TIME cover this week. She is not underweight. If I had to use one word to describe the way she looks it would be 'strong.' What's going on with Todds's thumbnail in that picture of them, though?
There's serious shadiness going on with yahoo today too. One of my two accounts isn't working, and it's the one with all my mailing lists and anti-jihad contacts. I can get into that account, though, but not my email.
I could actually see Mohammedans getting pissed off at this too, claiming that it's disrespectful of a Mohammedan prophet, despite the fact that there's no mention of Mary in any Islamic text. They're big on Miriam, though. They get mad when people do stuff to Jesus, even though there's not a single reference to Jesus in any Islamic text, so it's not without precedent. They are big Esau, though.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on Do it to Muhammad at Atlas Shrugs
JewishOdysseus, it's just the standard fare. I do expect better from Atlas, though, especially since Pamela frequently prints Julia Gorin, who has been onto him since day 1. Shoot, I wrote something similar to what I wrote above a couple of months ago on Jihad Watch and got my comment deleted. The only one who even had my back was Thomas Haidon. Sorry to harp, but it really is only by some very twisted, tortured logic that Elie Wiesel is a hero and not a war criminal. I firmly believe the US's actions in the Balkans during the Clinton Administration to be our "Greatest Crime," and his role in it was huge, as he was the wellspring of the campaigns' pseudo-legitimacy. There is no basis for that crazy Jews = Nazis meme...except in the case of Elie Wiesel, who, just like Hitler, sought to kill all the Serbs and take their land, and is now trying to destroy Israel. That's all this was about. Too many people must have googled Rahm Emmanuel's background for anyone to still believe that Obama wasn't a hardcore antisemite, as if believing that appointing even a non-Jewicidal Jew to a Cabinet position said anything about where Obama stands, and as if that belief weren't incredibly racist and illogical anyway.
I find it incredibly disturbing that Atlas readers don't even see this pro-genocide propaganda for wat it is. This was all intended to be turned around on Israel for the express purpose of destroying it. Of course Obama knew he could count on Wiesel to come and do some genocide propaganda for him so he could set up a terrorist state. He lent to much 'credence' to the Clinton administration when he was advocating stealing the Serbs' land, ethnically cleansing them from it, and setting up a terrorist state, didn't he? As for sympathy for Wiesel, I have none. Not only has he demonstrated himself to be uncommonly sick and evil over the past 11 years, but his years at Buchenwald don't even approximate justice for what he did to the Serbs and for what he's now doing to the Israelis. After all, he, unlike those Serbs he helped slaughter, is alive, with all of his organs. As a Jew, I honestly wish he had died there. There might be several tens of thousands of Serbs still alive, still on their own land. I shudder to think of the ramifications of this move on this part for the Israelis. If Julius Streicher was executed for war crimes because he did genocide propaganda, then Elie Wiesel would be too if there were any justice in this world.
It was Joey Khattab: No wonder he joined the cult of the child molester. He was clearly too stupid to hack it as a Jew.
Bibi: Oh, hells no!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on IRAN TO SHARE RULE IN JERUSALEM at Atlas Shrugs
Call your governors too. After Indiana strengthened our 10th Gov. Mitch Daniels told the Fed to piss off with the Cap and Trade. He called it imperialism. He did it because it's the right thing to do. He doesn't want our energy costs to skyrocket or coal plants to shut down or for us to have to buy retarded cars that will kill our families if they get hit while in them. Watch the crash tests. Horrifying. We make Toyotas in Indiana. Because we're smart like that. He doesn't want to run Japanese business (and the only car company that's selling) out of our state and into somewhere saner. And he's in his second term so he didn't do it to get reelected. When you call your representatives let them know that if your energy costs go up one penny or if you have to get your car inspected or any of that crap you will run them out of office. And follow GOPleader (John Boehner) on Twitter. He's been great with the updates.
I uploaded it to my account but I couldn't bear to watch more than 10 secs of it. Horrifying.
I don't know why my link didn't work, but here's the Liveleak video: And the Truthtube video:
Eeyore just logged into his YouTube account to find that the original video is back up, probably thanks to KGS and Pam helping to shame YouTube. But watch it at Liveleak anyway.
We've got it back up on Liveleak now. It should be on soon, pending admin approval.
Quanto benissimo, Pamela! Tante grazie!
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