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Boy, Larry has aged in Washington.
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Were I Mankiw's friend I would advise him that Inheritances Make People Weak and that by saving to leave money to his kids, he is almost certainly breeding bunch of ungrateful trust fund babies.
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For an expanded comment, read The Bankruptcy Squeegee Men": [underbelly-buce_blogspot_com]
The stuff about Rachel Bloom and what she did with Ray Bradbury is fun, but isn't it a downmarket imitation of Sara Silverman and what /she/ did with Matt Damon?
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In itself, not a crazy idea, yes? The WWI Hungary/Romania settlement was misconceived and untenable.
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Aug 5, 2010
Who said that Gramsci is the kind of communist you can take home to your parents? Setting aside the Notebooks I think the prison Letters are one of the most touching pieces of prison lit.
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If you count John, it sounds like unemployment among the Boehners is running about 25 percent.
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I read Robert Blake's Disraeli 38 years ago as a change of pace after my bar exam. As a bio it was so good that I have never wanted to spoil the effect by reading a competitor. Apptly not in print in the US although aftermarket copies are available at the books sites. Just in general, I think Blake never got the recognition in the US that he merits. His little history of the conservative party looks British but in fact is a wonderful meditation on what it means to be conservative. Also OOP apptly.
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