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Jonathan D. Blundell
Red Oak, Texas
husband, blogger, podcast, author, Kingdom Journalist
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THIS! I actually don't like the song Mighty to Save and several others because it sounds like we're just running around bragging about God to others. Kind of like taunting all the other kids on the playground. And in our Baptist church we don't have anything to read other than what we bring with us.
Good thoughts. I shared a few questions on Shaun Groves blog that are related to this. I'm not sure I've found a good conclusion... but I think it ties in with your question as well. I’m interested to know what the Hebrew (and even Roman) thought of the day was in regards to a literal hell. When Jesus spoke of hell, he seems to have specifically used the word Gehenna – the name of a burning trash pile outside the city walls of Jerusalem and as Wikipedia tells me - the same site that was initially where apostate Israelites and followers of various Ba'als and Caananite gods, including Moloch, sacrificed their children by fire. So perhaps he was referring to “hell on earth?” When Jesus mentioned Gehenna numerous times, I wonder if the disciples instantly thought, “Oh yes… Gehenna, that’s code for hell, where all the bad people go for eternity.” Or did they think of the trash heap or the valley where people literally sacrificed their children outside the walls of their city? I wonder what term Jesus would use today. Sudan? Darfur? Death camps? Auschwitz? The Dallas City Dump? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It also seems interesting that in a number of these references, Jesus seems to suggest that something or someone is going to be tossed aside into Gehenna. Perhaps, “You will be tossed out like the garbage?” I don’t know. But more things for me to chew on.
Love! Nick's story. I first heard about him through the indy-film The Butterfly Circus. Beautiful! When first watching the movie, I thought, "Wow! That's some great F/X!" -- thinking back to Lt. Dan in Forest Gump. But then after doing some research and hearing Nick's story I was even more inspired. Thanks for sharing this video clip - hadn't seen this one before. "The greater the struggle - the greater the triumph."
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Thanks for sharing more of your heart Adele. It's so sad to see how we've "glorified" fearing "the other." There are so many amazing people around us that we refuse to get to know or even try to understand because we've been taught a gospel of fear vs a gospel of welcome. Keep telling your story! Shalom.
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Oh man... awe-some! Someone needs to do a new video mashup... Andrew Jones' Vacation.
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I take it they're of no relation the CCM dance/techno group echoing green?
Bummer! Sorry to hear - but it's certain that God is in much greater control than we could ever know. Grace, peace and comfort to you and your family as you continue on your journey.
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Thanks for including the Simplify Your Computer Life link! Checking out your site and looks like you've got some great content here as well. Adding you to my RSS reader. Thanks again!
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Andrew, I'm always sorry to see people break ties with others for whatever reason. I know your decision wasn't made lightly. As I've said before, (for me personally) the best parts of emergent/emerging/Emergent Village etc. has been the grace and generous orthodoxies practiced by many under the vast umbrella (including your own generous and gracious nature - I appreciate what you've shown me and countless others along our journeys and will look forward to many more lessons and examples in the future. No matter what label we find ourselves under, may it be good for not only us - but those around us well. May it make an impact on the world around us in a way that shows God's love in real and tangible ways. Shalom!
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