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Big step on the way toward autonomous vehicles.
Very cool. Another step on the way towards autonomous vehicles. This will also help educate public on possibilities and make them more comfortable with future enhancements.
mahonj - "For the record, we had 12 days in a row in July 2013 where the wind was < 5% of its nominal, so it doesn't say much about security of supply." I am assuming that this is not normal for July - right? From what I heard Ireland actually had a summer this July. :-) If that continues then maybe Solar will work there. "The new link also facilitates power trading between the two countries and connects Ireland to the European grid." It will be interesting to see if Ireland eventually start getting some of its power from other parts of Europe. Are all the peat bogs used up? Based on the economy over there I bet it will be hard to turn down any kind of economic development.
Good news. It will be interesting to see if vehicles miles driven continue on their flat to down trend as well. Put that together with MPG improvements and you have a REALLY good thing going.