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Thanks, Wearecloud and Ophir! For the benefit of others, here are links to the tools mentioned in the comments: Bime Visual Website Optimizer Optimizely
@Rudi: Good question. This is the sort of stuff that keeps me up at night. Perhaps I'll write a follow-up post called, "Revenge of the Mutant Social Media Link." :-) There are a number of overlapping ways to track social media links, listed here in descending order of value: 1) Web analytics campaign code report (as described in this post) 2) Web analytics referrer/landing page combo report 3) 3rd party tools like Radian6 (general) or TweetReach (niche) 4) URL shortener stats from tools used to shrink links, like In the list above, #1 gives you a direct connection between the campaign and the site-side outcome. #2 lacks the campaign but still gives you a connection to the site-side outcome (assuming the referrer gets passed, which is another issue). #3-4 give you a sense of reach and viral effect but DO NOT connect to site-side outcome, which is why I rank them lower on the list. This is perhaps more complex than it oughtta be, but I think that all of these data sources can be used in combination to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing. Make sense? Have anything to add?
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Oct 15, 2010