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As a long-term Wikimedian, I agree that there needs to be more clarity in this, but disagree that we should declare free-reign to edit articles that you feel are under-served. As Harry says (above), we would love for you and colleagues to get started making small edits. The instructions on Conflicts of Interest are useless, as with so many Wikipedia policy pages, for which I can only apologise (indeed, I helped write the first draft of that policy). However, the golden rule is to avoid writing anything "promotional" rather than true - anything you wouldn't be happy to justify on the front page of the New York Times (or other media outlet). However, for my employer, I advise them to not even consider for a second editing an article about them or their area, and instead use Talk pages and the e-mail helpdesk - but then, I work for the UK Government, so the concerns about reputational damage white-washing/propaganda are more extreme, and more people follow political/governmental matters than business/corporate ones. But yes, I agree, we need more editors involved in the business and corporate world so that we address issues there as much as in other fields which get rather more attention. Join us, or consider asking others so to do.
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Jan 4, 2012