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Joseph D'Hippolito
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Frankly, I do not believe that the late Pope should be "fast tracked" on the way to canonization. A lot of investigating must be done about his adminstration (or lack thereof) during his papacy -- especially the lack of effective discipline for bishops who enabled perverts in the clergy (and, I'm sorry, but having Cdl. Law be the presiding priest of St. Mary Major while retaining his ability to vote for the next Pope is not what I would call "discipline.") There's a reason why the Vatican imposed a five-year waiting period before considering the candidacy of potential saints. The whole idea was to let any popular devotion calm down so that the candidate is evaluated as objectively as possible. Unfortunately, JPII's cult of personality was very strong. It has influenced a lot of good and devout, yet naive, people. There's no point to waiving the usual requirements in the face of one man's immense popularity.