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Great shares, Drew. Looking forward to giving the research excerpt from RainToday a closer read. You mention that Junta 42's collection of predictions is in a PDF. Please allow me to correct you, 'cause it's really an online magazine format powered by Zmags - that I happen to work for. I would be happy to tell you more about this format if you are interested. Just poke me.
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Great post Colin - you really get around in the mobile trends. Since you are asking directly on how the Apple Newsstand will have impact on the established digital publishing world, I will share Zmags take on this. First of all, we see the latest rumours as a quality stamp of the industry. Digital magazines are here to stay - if not companies like Apple would never touch it. Secondly we don't see the Apple newsstand as a direct threat to the industry for these reasons: * It's highly focused on content that can be monetized and already has a price tag on their content. Thus, they are speaking to the publishers who struggle to nail their online strategy. * The newsstand only covers a corner of the market: All other types of content like exclusive online magazines, B2B magazines, custom publishing and free titles are less interesting for Apple. * Publishers main concern is to be present where their readers are. In that sense a newsstand is a distribution channel targeted at specific devices. It won't save their day for readers on Android, web or printed mags. And thanks for the feedback about our whitepaper. Since you came across that we have released the Beta version of Zmags Mobile, which in essence is a browser-based solution that optimizes existing online content for the most used mobile devices. Please try it out if you have some time. Would be happy to share more details with you if you are interested. Thanks Joakim Ditlev Marketing Director Zmags
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Sep 1, 2010