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No limits. Period.
This conversation only matters if you care much about battery life (I don't, I care more about raw capability). I'm a heavy Windows user, and I'll admit that the power management on Windows devices is less than ideal. That said, I think the fact that Windows was designed to run on any x86 hardware kind of makes it a one size fits all solution whose shortcomings show up in specific use cases. Battery life is one of them. The funny thing about all of the devices mentioned here is I don't have a use case for any of them. The Air and Surface are far too small for me to do real work on. They're also too big as e-readers, which is why I use a Kindle Paperwhite for that.
I'm on the 1 disc plan for both services, mostly because it allows me to have an extended queue and gives me access to both libraries. Blockbuster has some stuff on Blu-ray that Netflix doesn't, but their turnaround times (nearly 1 wk at times) are atrocious.
Actually nowadays I discover new music by hearing it when I'm out partying
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Most of them are probably Orkut refugees.
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I often go through my disc queue to switch DVDs to Blu-ray myself. Annoying.
Without an RSS feed or Twitter account to go with that Monster Mondays site is pretty tough to follow. Great concept, poorly executed.
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Hopefully this means a faster time to market for new music services such as Spotify too
1 reply has worked extremely well for me over the years.
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Left over? I still burn mix CDs for my car, thank you very much.
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It's not bad, as long as you aren't aiming for new releases.
No need to chose between BB & N. Just use both. I do.
"Buy?" LOL, don't know about iOS, but SoundHound is free on Android, with unlimited song IDs. No absolute need to buy anything (assuming you can get the music legitimately for free).
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I agree that it won't be groundbreaking, but I don't think that means it'll be boring. The more music download options there are, the better, IMO.
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Let's look at the facts and not the hype: 1) There *was* a service that allowed users to play an entire song for free once. It was called Apple - the leading music retailer - bought it and killed the capability. 2) Spotify has been "coming soon" to the US for the past couple years, suffering exec departures and setbacks while competitors have surged ahead. They might want to focus on bringing something to market instead of prognosticating. Technically speaking, the URL-dominated future is already here: many of my friends use YouTube links to point to music.
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Poor JJ. You can buy talent and a stadium, but you can't buy a *team*.
This debate may be rendered moot by the shift to streaming, most of which omits extras and bonus features anyway.
Absolutely not.
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Looks OK to me. Nothing special, but not disastrous either.
I watch all of my TV shows via Netflix.
Sounds likes a slow net connection to me. The only problem I've ever had with Netflix streaming is slow loading on the 360, and that's happened only once.
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Nov 9, 2010