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yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon. what were you doing?
Interests: *good* music, some philosophy, agnostic defeatist anarcho-libertarianism. transcending the superficial. experiencing the real. escaping the clutches of artificial bureaucratic society
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USMNT lose to Germany in round of 16. Italy hopefully defeated in the quarterfinals by Spain or Brazil. England will have their customary quarterfinal exit. Netherlands makes it to the quarters, maybe even the semis. Brazil or Spain to win it.
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I watched the game when I got home last night. Spain's midfield must have taken a bath in opium before the match because their usual short, fluid passes were not to be found. I've never seen them play the long ball that much...ever. Now the US played a great defense game - and Altidore playing in Spain has really helped. But I do think that Spain was destined to lose a game any day now. I don't hate on the USMTN because I want to see them fail. I just live in the real world. Like you said, they don't have the consistent world class midfield to out-wit an Ivory Coast, a Paraguay or even a Japan on a day when everything is equal...
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on How Come? at BLCKDGRD
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I stand dumbfounded. But just wait...during the next year all the USMNT fans are going to scream that this is the best US team evar!!!! and that they're going to go farther than any US team before in the WC...then they'll get knocked out during the first round with only three points.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on Spain 0, USMNT 2 at BLCKDGRD
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CG: We have cars. They have oil. Sounds like a relationship to me. konagod: Glad I could provide the laugh. It's amazing how the most benign comment will be perceived as an unhinged attack at that blog. HelenWheels: I'll have to look that up on YouTube since my free HBO expired...
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Nice. I was expecting to see China in there as the punchline.
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Joel McHale rocks. I'd say that only twats use twitter, but then again I have a twitter account.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2009 on Holy Saint Fuckity of Fatuity at BLCKDGRD
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