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El Jefe
Calaveras County, Sierra Foothills, CA
Owner of Twisted Oak Winery
Interests: poker, radios, rockets, cameras, etc. (these would be el jefe's interests, if he ever gets time...)
Recent Activity
I used to live in a place where the most common misspelling of the name was Placenta. Much hilarity often ensued. Anyway, thanks for the article. It might inspire me to come up with some sort of man camp that involves male bonding and rubber chickens. Much hilarity may also ensue. Also, I recently saw a program in which presenter Richard Hammond from the UK show Top Gear drove and fired a tank at a base in Texas. I couldn't comment on who could claim they had done it first... Have fun! - el jefe
Indeed they are! In the meantime, can someone help this poor Santa chicken find her way home? Continue reading
Surely, pulling that cork is always the right thing to do (even if I don't call you Shirley), but in this case we're talking about wine blog Pull That Cork, which posted a very nice writeup about us. Check it... Continue reading
"Chicken Blight" by Tina Caputo! Thanks to everyone who entered, and to everyone who voted! (Needless to say, stay tuned for more Twisted Fun coming soon!) Continue reading
The Twisted Judges have made their decisions and now it is your turn to vote for your favorite TYRCTWW entry. Just visit the following link to vote: If you are mobile-y inclined, here is the iPhone & Android compatible... Continue reading
We have great news for you! You don't need a dinosaur, just a rubber chicken! Enter Take Your Rubber Chicken To Work Week by March 30th! (yet another random vintage photo) Continue reading
1. He's sitting in the Boss' chair. 2. He's not smoking in the designated smoking area (which is usually next to the freeway.) 3. That chicken doesn't look very rubbery. Can you spot any other problems? Remember to enter by... Continue reading
Q: I don't have a job, what do I do? A: As the song says "Get a haircut, and get a real job!" If that doesn't work, or you are retired, or you are hairless, it's time for plan B.... Continue reading
Q: I don't have rubber chicken! What do I do? Oh, the humanity! A: Don't panic! Sit down and I'll explain. Rubber chickens are a common pet toy (why shouldn't Fido also have a laugh now and then?) and are... Continue reading
Q: What is the best way to submit my photos or video? A: I must have your email address to award a prize, so naturally the best way is by email to Attach the file(s) to the email, and... Continue reading
Q: My rubber chicken is already at work! Should I bring it home? A: Absolutely not. Clearly your rubber chicken has already been integrated into your workaday routine. Show us how your Rubber Chicken Friday helps you in your workplace!... Continue reading
Take Your Rubber Chicken To Work Week starts now and ends March 30th. Yes, we know that isn't really a week. Heck, it's not even a fortnight. We just want to give you plenty of time to find a job... Continue reading
Put away your scalpels and close the formaldehyde! The 2010 Viognier is ready for you, in a spuzzy new package and everything - so with the help of some Disembodied Rubber Chicken Heads*, let's dissect this puppy**: A (that would... Continue reading
The other day I was playing around with a new Google thing called Ngram - where you can search all of the words in the 5 million books they have scanned and put online. My friend Tom pointed out to... Continue reading
By all means, suggest improvements or new (Co)stanzas! Festivus is Here (sung to the tune of "Christmas Time is Here," from "A Charlie Brown Christmas") Festivus is here Miracles and jeers Raise the pole and curse the cold This lousy... Continue reading
Google has a new feature called "Ngram", in which you can "Search Lots of Books" for the frequency of words, and plot that relative frequency over time. So I naturally applied some wine words to it to see what happens.... Continue reading
We recently asked this question of our Twisted Few members, as well as our Facebook fans: "I've often maintained that all Twisted Oak wines pair great with rubber chicken, but they all are also really good with turkey - depending... Continue reading
Our apparently now-famous Twisted Oak River of Skulls shoe managed to be a top ten shoe on yesterday. I can now personally attest to both their style and comfort, having stood on them for the duration of the FurBall... Continue reading
It's always nice to stumble into folks mentioning Twisted Oak on their web sites and blogs. Here's a smattering of our recent stumbles... Our friends at Vintage, A Wine Shop in Reno tell the tale of a tasting session with... Continue reading
An interesting thing happened on the way to the Internet. Somehow, it got so easy to post things onto Facebook that it became easy to forget we also have a blog. OK, it's maybe not that interesting... but forgetting the... Continue reading
Thats a good idea about the policy. So Ive written a posting policy for the FB page. Its located here:
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You want to get old school, we could talk about dialup BBS - Bulletin Board Systems. 1200 baud modems anyone? ;)
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Now for a little break from rubber chicken infested missives... In the past few days, the Twisted Oak Winery Facebook page ( has seen a couple of posts from wineries and wine organizations from outside the Sierra Foothills area -... Continue reading
sent from El Jefe's small annoying device Posted via email from twisted oak winery Continue reading