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jeanette janson
Flea market picker, artist, mom, wife...enjoying life to the fullest.
Interests: creating art, jewelry making, pet lover, traveling, flea marketing, friends, family, cooking, reading, antiques, vintage
Recent Activity
Oh, life is not always this busy! I get plenty of sleep, I assure you. :) Thanks for your comment~ Jeanette
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2014 on Show countdown at Jeanette Janson-Mixed Media Artist
Thanks Jrruskamp for your comment. I love hunting for treasures....never know what I am going to find :)
Hello- Yes, all my links, twitter, facebook, pinterest are over on the right side of my blog under "follow." Thanks~
Thanks, Billie. I know, the diary is very special to me. Cannot believe how lucky I am to have it.
Yes, I feel very lucky, Juliette. The handwriting was so beautiful back is a lost art. Thanks for the nice comments about my display. I appreciate that : )
Thanks, Cindy. Glad you are enjoying your bracelet. I love the message on it as well!
I hear you, Sarah. I can't take apart any machines that have a lovely design or are in working order. I mostly use the ones that are ready for the junk yard.
Yes! Thanks, Leah!
I know, Cindy. I usually don't like hair unless it's attached to the scalp. It's kind of morbid when you think of them wanting to save a piece of the person forever. But it is fascinating when you look at the weaving and braiding.
Thank you, Debbie! She's a cutie and I think we are the lucky ones : )
Thank you for that information, Laura. I knew it was something special!
Thanks, Cindy! I appreciate that :)