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Jeanette Johnson
I'm a school principal just trying to figure it all out.
Interests: Education, technology, social media, reading, animals, learning new things, movies, gourmet vegetarian food, eighties music
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Why thanks- and here's to a long and healthy life!
Hi there - thanks for checking this blog out, and your kind words. Sorry not to have replied back before now - the start of the school year has temporarily put my blogging on hold! I can be reached at if you would like to reach me. - Jeanette
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Thanks for the link to your post, Peter - takes my thinking to a whole new place! I'm excited to share it with teachers when they return in August.
Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I can understand your frustration at the experience you had in your literacy meeting - I've had that same feeling when I've made suggestions at administrators' meetings, or in some of my doctoral cohort classes - first you get that "speaking a foreign language" look, then you get the "oh, there goes the tech geek" dismissal. I think that's why I really want to see some more digital PLN's at least among our staff (and I won't stop at the leaders' level, either!) - because you're right, the more people who get this, the more they will support each other, which will build momentum over time. Thanks for your encouragement. Jeanette
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Thanks for keeping the light on, Scott. Enjoying the posts I'm seeing as a result of your efforts. My post:
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Phil's comment above touches upon what I wanted to say... doesn't having an expectation that teachers will use technology assume that there's someone there to expect it? While I absolutely believe change has to be at the teacher level.... if those at the administrative level don't a) understand the change (i.e. the technology), b) value the change, and c) figure out how to both nurture and push the change... well, then, all you'll ever get are those sporadic individuals who want to change. And I say that as a building administrator who only in the last year woke up to all this.
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