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I'll be your partner. Just let me know where to send my half.
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Looks like a good book. I would love to win it.
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We have always been lucky with not having big critter problems. we do have bug problems though. Here is a remedy that I heard, but have not tried. It comes from Vicki West of Homestead blessings. She says you can take some of the bugs and then put them in the blender ( I think I would have a separete one for this) and blend them with some water and spray on the plants. She says the bugs will not come near the plants then.
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We have some around the back of our yard and the last few nights as I sit on the couch in the Living room that sweet smell will come through the window on the breeze and I have to stop and breath deeply and thank God that I live where I can truly enjoy his creation. Oh, and my mother says when you smell honeysuckle that there is an angel near by.---Don't know what they smell like the rest of the year. ;)
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Apr 22, 2011