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I like both skirts, but the shorter one is less formal and would be lots more fun for dancing. (And I'm all about the dancing. That was actually my first consideration when selecting mother of the bride/groom dresses.) I also like the white top with black trim best. It looks like you could pretty easily alter it. Of course, you will look cute in anything. In response to Gill's question, I think Sharon's dress is blue and vintage-y. Love, Jeanne
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I never met Sara, but yesterday I felt like a silent observer as so many I love and admire testified of her beautiful life. Then I went to her blog and read for a long time, and I wished I'd had the opportunity to get to know her. This morning I was thinking about God's calling on our lives -- thinking of people I know and how they've embraced His plan even if it isn't what they might have chosen. Sara came to mind, and it seemed to me that God's calling on her life was to suffer well. As small, undesirable, and insignificant as that may sound to many, I can't help thinking it is one of the highest, most Christ-like callings anyone might have. May I embrace His plan for me as fully, and may He be as free to bless through me as He is (and will continue to be) through her. Praying for grace and peace for you and the many who love her. What a beautiful soul. What a beautiful life. Love to you, dear Robin. Jeanne
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We can't know what drives people to pursue success, and I dare say we don't even know our own motives completely. No doubt selfish ambition taints every person's motives from time to time, including yours and mine. When I really think about it, though, I don't want to be famous, and I don't wish fame on anyone I care about. Celebrity is bizarre and unnatural. We're meant to live in community with each other, not to idolize some and disdain others. I'm also not interested in fitting a mold to "succeed." When I signed with Books & Such, I filled out a client questionnaire that ended with a question something to the effect of, "If you knew you could reach it, what would your dream goal be?" I assumed they wanted something concrete and measurable, but my answer was along these lines: "I really have only one goal. When I stand before the Lord, I want to hear Him say, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'" Thankfully my agent didn't call and say, "Never mind. We only represent commercially driven authors who churn out books on demand." Another thing I love about her: when we discussed branding (something she very much endorses), I was a little nervous, because I wasn't fond of the idea of defining myself by a tag line. But she said, "You don't need a brand. You are your brand." That was such a huge compliment and confirmation that I'd landed where I belonged. For her sake I almost wish I were a book-churning machine, because I feel so honored to have an agent who understands me and appreciates my particular gifts. Obviously some very good books are being written by disciplined folks who approach the page all business-like, but I think some of the most enchanting stories come through artists who soak before beauty until they can't stand the ache any more, then they chip away the marble and find the story hiding in its heart. Or, to use a different metaphor, perennials planted in orderly rows are dependable and lovely, but when the uncultivated vine blossoms, suddenly the whole forest is ablaze with color and dripping with scent. Some of us are tidy rose bushes and some are wild wisteria vines. There's room in the world for both. Being true to yourself means each writer needs to figure out where to sink her roots and then be content with what grows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Mr. Mick. Always nice chatting with you. Jeanne P.S. By the way, whether you like it or not, your fame will live on forever in the digitally captured cuteness of your children.