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Love how they made it an EXPERIENCE from start to finish. From the automagical appearance of her photo ID to the upperclassmen greetings, they considered how to make it a true Welcome! to the University. Love that. Great post. Good luck to your daughter! (And you)
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2011 on Efficiency as a marketing asset at Web Ink Now
Valeria, I totally agree and might even take it one step further. I think critical thought is in danger every where. I just had a conversation with a client yesterday about how deeper analysis is overlooked in most places. Metrics do not equal understanding. Nodding along does not mean internalizing. And so on and so on. I think social media puts a spotlight on this and makes it easy to nod along without thinking through anything. I watched Ike's video (based on your suggestion) and loved what he said about reading things first, too. Politically and otherwise, we are surrounding ourselves with echo chambers. It's dangerous on many levels. Thanks for making me think today, Valeria!
I heard this interview yesterday and it really piqued my interest. Your post puts it even more into perspective. I was struck by how wasteful we - an entire society - is with such a precious resource. It's a powerful argument to say that once people pay for something, they use it more thoughtfully. I hope we continue to talk about this and come up with solutions before we are in the place we are now with petroleum dependence!
What a great way to positively impact the experience for everyone. I remember the stress of not knowing and waiting for family members...this is a huge step toward taking better care of families. Great post - thanks!
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Jul 20, 2010