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Reading your brocante post is like hot flashes. My heart starts racing, palms get sweaty, heat launches from my toes. I shudder to think how my body would react if I actually went to the brocante. I am sure I could find an antique vial of smelling salts. :) So many beautiful treasures. The chess set, my gosh, how beautiful! And the urn! I even like the chain. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.
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I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. Like Deanna, I stay home. There are too many people out trying to find something to entertain themselves. I have my stitching to entertain me! There is a saying going around here that kind of sums up how I feel about days like today - "time to put your big girl panties on". LOL! So, I shall put them on and brave the trip to the grocer since I forgot eggs. How can I buy everything for muffins and forget eggs? I hope you spend your day doing whatever makes your heart happy. xo
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I love this post. I am one of those people who loves to wrap gifts. I loved the candy box idea. Thanks Corey!
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I love poppies. The Alpine (yellow) poppies opened yesterday. One cannot be grumpy when there is the bright shot of color right outside the window.
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I love your stitch sampler! I have been wanting to do that for years but was always put off by their formality. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Gee, that is like asking me which chocolate is my favorite - depends on the day. :) I love Karen's art. I have had dirt under my nails since I was 2 or so, planting sweet peas with Gram. Poppies have a special place in my heart and like Karen, I too have a red one. Each year I look at them in awe for their construction and beauty. That said, I also like the design of Milky Way and NewQueen. Karen's backgrounds are so interesting and have such beauty in and of their own. So, I will say Poppy, just because no one else has yet. :) (Wishing you both a wonderful weekend.)
My Dad and I have an odd relationship. He taught me to be independent. Even before the feminist movement, he saw no reason why I couldn't do the same things that the boys were doing. I was his carpenter apprentice. I was also his punching bag. This man whom I adored also has a temper he cannot control. I understand that now, but as a child I thought I had done something wrong. Even now I tremble when I hear loud voices. I have forgiven him for the beatings. Now I see him paralyzed, lying in bed 24/7. He has given up. Food is unappealing, therapy is tedious, life is difficult. I greet him each morning the way he greeted me as a child - "good morning merry sunshine". I see a twinkle of recognition and a hint of a smile. I am teaching him to draw with his good hand. He draws stairs and explains how to figure out the rise. Everyday, I get a math lesson on stairs. I will listen and hope each night that he will still be there in the morning waiting for his "sunshine" to greet him and learn about building stairs. xoxo
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I am dancing the happy dance that you and Belle Mere have found a project which you both love and bring mutual respect. My MIL was in the earlys stages of dementia when I met here. I would see glimmers of the person she once was. I think I would have liked her in her heyday. She was feisty and a true feminist. She had to quit teaching elementary school when she married and that really was a thorn in her side. I also married her "baby", so maybe we wouldn't have gotten along since I don't think anyone would measure up as "good enough" for her precious angel. She has been gone 15 years now, but I like to think my Gram is setting her straight on me being good enough. Have fun!
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I love what you and Belle Mere chose, especially the flooring. OUI!!! This post made me giggle. I cannot imagine picking out house redo items with my Mom. We are opposites in every sense of the word. The apartment is going to be tres chic!
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My heart sunk to my toes when I first started reading this. When I saw Annie, tears started to form. Now they are tears of relief. I do hope Annie knows that she has a legion of fans all over the world. Having elderly parents means anytime the phone rings at an odd time, my heart jumps. I also live in an agricultural area and the local processor of good things to eat is one digit off of mine. I get early morning calls letting me know that the trucks of potatoes, apples, grapes, etc., are leaving now and due in soon. At 4 am, it takes a while for my heart to stop racing, not be snarly, and gently tell them the correct number. :)
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The pocket is adorable. I love the buttonhole lace edging. I almost went blind trying to figure it out, then I finally read the post. LOL! That tablecloth, oh my!!! It is like fairy wings. Have a wonderful week!
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I am hoping that my Dad's suffering will cease. Either he regains his abilities or passes in his sleep, anything to stop his suffering. I am also praying for patience with my Mom. Life is hard for her right now watching the love of her life for 65 years fail. Although we have never been close, she needs me right now. Patience and tact are the lessons I am learning now. (Thank you Corey for sharing your beautiful part of the world, for inspiring me with the beauty of your home and your spiritual being. I am grateful.)
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Oh my gosh! I have never seen anything so beautiful! No, I hadn't heard of them either. Wow! They look like glimmery spun silk. Thanks Corey!
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Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you and your family. May your uncle be greeted by all that went before him with a glass of wine and cheers of welcome. Hugs. xoxo
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I used to row dories down white water rivers with my now husband. We did the Colorado River 3 times. It is kind of the water version of a roller coaster. :)
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This hits home. My father was a master carpenter and I was his helper. From him I learned to measure twice cut once, to have every board mesh with its partner. This is vital in woodworking, there is no "fudge" or give working with wood unless you use wood filler which wasn't allowed in the shop. Transfering that attitude to cloth and now paper left me frozen for years. The perfectionist attitude that I learned from Dad had to be exorcised if I was to create. Finally I realized that often times, imperfection adds character. It also shows that I created the object, not a machine. I have not let go of the lessons of the right tools for the job. Why would I let go of a reason to visit art supply stores? :) Thanks for reminding me to let the light shine in.
Congratulations to you both!!! Love does conquer all, including a bearded chin. :)
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I am laughing with you. Not only when I get to the floor, but when I sleep - tossing and turning in a circle.
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I know I am always going in circles. :D When I look at where I started creatively and where I am now, I see a circle. I started with traditional stitching, knitting, crochet. I moved away into painting, machine stitching, and wood carving. Now I am back to the beginning again with thread and needle.
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Oh, I think they do. Think of your lap as a box and how nice it is to have the warm bundle of fur purring and emitting heat.
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Crows will do that when there is another species that they don't like nearby. Here I will look and see an owl, hawk, or eagle. They do not want their territory invaded. I wonder if murder of crows came from a disgruntled farmer who was woken by their noise to early one day? LOL!
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I love the softness of bamboo fabric. Add in the beautiful dyes and ta da! gorgeousness!!!
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LOL! Now I have that ear worm in my head! Have a wonderful day!
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I have always been surrounded by elders. I have always communicated better with them. I understand them. My aunt (86) said old is twenty years older than you - lol! I hear my Mom and aunt talk about this old lady down at the Legion and discover that she is 92. They are 80 and 83. It is all perspective. The picture speaks so much of love and that is what is most important.
You are so right about the ebb and flow of friendships, but that is what makes them so dear. Your gift is wonderful and your friend will be thrilled. On the other side of the mountains, we are having bright (almost glaring) sunshine but so cold the air is freezing. Truly an odd start to winter.
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