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Jennie in Ontario
Ontario, Canada
Living Life with my man, our three kids and all the craziness and goodness in our lives.
Interests: golf, my kids, baseball, family, my man, reading reading reading, summer time, computer time, and my blog, photography and photoshop, coronas on the patio, backyard friends
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A bag of carrots and a cup of tea. Doesn’t that sounds like a divine lunch?? Well - I hope it does the trick by assisting with my desire to shed a few of these excessive pounds that I’m sporting. The pills that I’m prescribed to assist with my depression and anxieties may work wonders for my state of mind but they’re wrecking havoc on my waistline. As I read through the mental health forums in which other sufferers describe their thoughts, accolades and fears over these same pills; the basic statement is repeated time and time again: “these pills... Continue reading
First off: my dream-VESPA countdown: total savings: $65ish Goal: While I would love a brand new Vespa from the showroom; I’m now contemplating the purchase of a used scooter: $4000 (as seen on Kijiji). Oh oh oh…Domino! Think it’s time for a change. And you may think me strange - in that case I’ll go underground for some solid rest…never have to worry about what is worst and what is best…. - Van Morrison at his best. So, while grooving to Van Morrison and dreaming of scootering; I’m lounging here at my little desk, thinking about blogging but really I’m... Continue reading
Good evening to everyone out there - I hope that this note is finding you well and smiling no matter what the day is giving you. I'm sitting here at my little wooden desk, which I've pushed up against back patio doors; smiley as I stare out to my backyard. There is so much to see outside; not just the blanket of snow but also the blue sky, the winter-stark trees and maybe a few of my daydreams skipping around the gardens. In the last week, we've received a couple feet of snow and while the whiteness is perfect &... Continue reading
Hi there Its been too long since I've been online but I have that break in activity so I can sit here with my Blackberry and relax. Its almost like that Lonestar songs "You're like coming home" though really, I'm just sitting here on my bed, relaxing and listening to the sounds of my step-daughter's Christmas party, rage down in the basement rec-room. I can't believe that I have 6 - 10 year olds who are partying hard downstairs but really, they're leaving me to my own devices. You just gotta keep them feed. Whew. And can they ever snack... Continue reading
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Dec 6, 2009
I'm the luckiest of girls... I say it all the time and I've been saying it my whole life; which, I may add, is quickly zooming towards the big 4-0. How DID that happen? I swear that I still feel like I'm in my 20's...or at least my early 30's. Guess the ol' saying holds true: Time flies when you're having fun. And I AM having fun! I never really believed that saying...however, with kids of our own... I watch them grow weekly and I fear closing my eyes for I don't want to miss anything. (Thanks Aerosmith!) Rather than... Continue reading
Hello my blogging friends... it's a rainy, dreary Thursday afternoon outside the windows, here at home. It's that sort of grey weather which gives me the desire to cuddle back into bed; maybe watch a movie or maybe dig into a good book. Or maybe I'll just have to do both!! :) With my man still at work and no kids around the house, it is so very quiet here; sometimes I just wander around the house and marvel at the stillness of our place. The fish tanks gurgle and the washing machine is grumbling through another load but there... Continue reading
I'm home today and busy with all those little things that make you happy. You know - getting the clothes all folded and put away, picking up after the kids and seeing what the house is SUPPOSE to look like. I was busy with those phone calls we all seem to have to do, to the bank, to the mortgage; for us, a need to stay on top of our debts and banking and therefore, method to keep that stressor out of our lives. Sure, we're like every other couple who can bicker and play silent; not because we don't... Continue reading
I told ya this place was cold! Wow....makes me appreciate my winter coat and woolly blanket that's over my legs but, man oh man, I wish that I had fingerless gloves so I could type on my Berry and keep my hands warm. My son loves these winter Tobogganing .... Brrrr.... I love summer sports ... Golf... Sipping Coronas on the patio....gardening .... But with three kids - we're busy all the time, no matter the weather. My 10 year old's game is CLOSE in score....usually we lose by 4 or 5 goals. However - there's only one goal... Continue reading
Just a quick hello to my blogging friends. I have to get ready to take my 10 year old to his hockey game. But I need a shower...and a cup of coffee and a bit of down time before zipping off into a different directions. You think...for all the money that we pay for hockey... Arena operators could turn up the heat. Hmmm.... Maybe i'll add a bit of Bailey's to my coffee to warm me up. Yup - now I'm in a better mood! Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry Continue reading
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Nov 28, 2009