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Yes, the correct email address is quite important. I am still so glad I called & verified an email address last week. We'd left our car keys in a hotel room safe. They found them & I needed to email a mailing label to them. What I thought I was hearing on the phone the first time I talked to the hotel & what it really was differed by one letter. If I'd gone ahead & sent it, I'd be calling the hotel again wondering why our keys hadn't arrived!
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My legal name is Joan Elaine. I was named after Joan of Arc. My aunt, who was my primary babysitter, had a niece in-law named Joanne whom she did not like. She refused to call me Joan & always used Elaine. My dad, who with his 4 brother spoiled their only sister, told my mom to let it be & I ended up as Elaine. I toyed with varieties. My mom called me Jody as a pet name. I even thought I'd try Jei, my initials. I was going to be Joan when I started college, but 2 girls from my area remembered me as Elaine & that took care of that. Later, right after I graduated from college, I was working as a waitress. There had been an Ellen, a Helen, and & Eileen at my last job, so I was using Jody. I met my husband on a blind date & gave him the choice of Jody or Elaine. I've been Jody for far more years than I was Elaine now. The relatives have gotten used to it, though the first few years I'd sign my Christmas cards as Jody (Elaine).
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I can do this. Jody
If I were blind, I'd still be able to "read" books since so many are now available as audio books. Glaucoma runs on one side of my family; macular degeneration on the other. It's always possible that I may lose some of my sight. I do think I'd prefer blind, but we don't get a choice, do we?
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I was a grown woman with 2 children of my own before I heard about my dramatic birth. My mother's nurse gave her an overdose of the medicine to increase contractions. Her cervix clamped down on my head during labor. I was forcibly removed with forceps. She said I was paralzyed on the left side of my face for several weeks. My parents fretted that I would have brain damage. I blame my klutziness on that. When my mom started contractions with my brother, she was living alone (except for me) on the farm. My dad had died 3 months previously. She took me to my grandparents across the road & drove alone into town. On the way her car's water pump broke. Luckily she was right by another farm & the farmer took her in to the hospital. I didn't have such dramatic times with my children.
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I can do this. Jody
I can work 10-11. Jody
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I can work this hour.
Looks like just the book to get for my son-in-law for his birthday. Jody
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