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As you say Mick, a very worthwhile charity to get behind. Is there any way folks in the UK can donate, or is this USA only? While there are numerous charities more pertinent to my part of the planet you are such an impassioned advocate for such causes (and are 3 of my 10 fave fictional characters) I'd like the chance to be able to donate, even if just a small amount. Cheers!
Wow, as obituaries go that takes some beating. I never knew Luna, never met her, only knew of her in-ring rep but you obviously did and that captured her forever. Very special words.
LOL, classic as ever. Met you in Birmingham, UK about 3 years ago and you kindly signed Blood and Sweatsocks for me, which was amazing as it's my fave book (yep, even above hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and any of the vast and numerous Star wars novels out there) but now my 7 year old nephew is wrestling crazy I'm the MAN now he knows I've met you! 30Rock - Liz Lemon - all gooey inside (don't tell the wife), my ultimate geek girl, glad I found this little corner of cyberspace and have it well and truly bookmarked. See you on Twitter Cocktooos!
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Sep 2, 2010