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Becky I would say that those that use paper based CV's are generally wanting to stand out from the crowd, which they tend to achieve... although I'll grant you it is frustrating as you have to request a soft copy ! I agree CV's can also be more interactive - if for example you are a web developer or online marketing guru then quite appropriate to have links to examples of your work. The CV though for the majority is still a valuable unbroken tool. The best are accurate, concise and achievement focussed and I believe they are already a personal branding exercise - tailored to appeal to particular opportunities / scenarios. I have no doubt gen Y (and Z...) will change how the way they/we interact and communicate as generations before them have but I don't believe that makes the CV a redundant tool. Just my 2 pennies..again C
Louise, I could not agree more. The online profile is a means for identification and thus conversation and potential candidature. The CV then is then an explicit detail of experience and achievement (often tailored to the role) and for the benefit of those in the hiring process, be that recruiter or hiring manager. It is not a problem or process looking for a solution or change. I see no need however to educate those that do not wish to create a CV as it makes life easier....they go no further. I have placed various CxO's and have never once had one not create and send a CV. Why then should others feel their online persona is enough? Chris
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Oct 1, 2010