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Sounds like Seasonal Affective Disorder. The lack of sunshine, especially in light of the brutal winter we had in the Northeast (I'm in New York) and the Amazon-like rainy season (formerly known as "Spring"), well, I thought I would shoot myself because of the lack of sunshine. Interestingly, I hate sitting in the sun but, give me an outdoor project and I'm a happy camper so I'm off to Lowes this morning to get some lumber for a little project that I want to tackle...for my front lawn. parents really beat ourselves up especially when we compare ourselves to those "other" parents. Even though my kids are much older (15 & 19 years old) it seems that the demands have actually increased. No more " the TV for awhile while I veg out in the kitchen." I think the difficulty in raising kids (FYI...I was Mr. Mom...I was home with the kids while my wife worked full time) is that we don't always see that many of the frustrations are just a result of raising kids and NOT necessarily a result of the ADHD. The ADHD exacerbates it...but it is not necessarily the root cause. And ADHD or not, parents are ALLOWED to have some down time too as you have already noted. One more thing. Shouldn't the parental hotline number be something more memorable like, 1-800-Strangle-My-Kid?
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Jun 30, 2010