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As usual, the devil (and the truth) lies in the details of the legislation being put forward. Just note the title of the Act being presented: "Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009". The key words here is "Truth in Caller ID". After all, "Caller ID Spoofing" is all about deception and avoiding one's real identity. The Act is about clamping down on deception used for unlawful purposes. I would think that law abiding citizens would be in favor of that? There are actually many legitimate reasons to alter one's origination Caller ID. Altering your Caller ID isn't the same as Spoofing. Here is a good example: I have various VoIP accounts with various VoIP carriers and services. I have more than one DID phone number. But, I only give out 1 phone number that I want people to call me back on - my Primay DID phone number. So, I often set my alternate outgoing termination lines to display my Primary phone number. This way, if they want to return a call to me, it doesn't go to the number I called from, it will go to the number I want to receive my incoming calls on. Is this spoofing.... No. After all, it is still me who owns the phone number they are calling me back on. There is no deception involved. In my case, it is easily known who owns the number displayed in their Caller ID..... me, even though it's not the number of the line I called from. It is still the number to return calls to me, the originator of the call. The essence of the "Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009" can be summarized in the following quoted text: "(1) IN GENERAL- It shall be unlawful for any person within the United States, in connection with any telecommunications service or IP-enabled voice service, to cause any caller identification service to knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value, unless such transmission is exempted pursuant to paragraph (3)(B)." If interpreted correctly, I don't think this legislation will prevent legitimate use of "altering" one's Caller ID. It's all about clamping down on "misleading or inaccurate" Caller ID usage "with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value". It is interesting to note that the Act exempts law enforcement agencies from engaging in Spoofing. But, what else is new... the laws apply to all equally (you and me)... except for those who are exempt from the laws (the Gov't)... Jeff - CQVoIP
I really don't understand the basis for these patents, myself. Is it really any different from having my GoogleVoice number in Charlotte, NC called locally, and then forwarded to my Gizmo5 account, or fwd to any of my CallCentric, InPhonex, DID's. Or, then have Gizmo5 forward the GV call to my iNum, or VoIP SIP address which I pickup on my ATA or softphone? Are all these other VoIP services all of a sudden going to be sued for patent infringement because someone decided to patent these and related methods that have been used by others for a long time? I agree there is a lot of fine line grey areas being patented in hopes of putting a strangle hold on the competition. Jeff - CQVoIP
I am eagerly awaiting to see what Google's plans are for GVoice, Gizmo5, and GoogleTalk integration. I've been using GVoice since it was in GrandCentral Beta, and like it quite a lot. I've used GTalk since it's early days and am among the few that seem to like it. I started using Gizmo5 since its early days when they were offering free calls, just to compete with Skype. But, I was never a fan of Gizmo5 back then. But, since Google bought Gizmo5, I swepted off the dust from my Gizmo5 client, updated it, and started forwarding my GVoice calls to my Gizmo5 client to give it another chance. And, I'm impressed with the way Gizmo5 is working these days. I actually have 3 Gizmo accounts connected to GVoice. I forward one to my GTalk account. I forward one to my Gizmo5 client. And, I forward one to my SIP ATA box. Although CallCentric is one of my favorite VoIP providers, I currently forward my 3rd Gizmo5 account from GVoice to my ATA registered to SipPhone. As you probably know, Gizmo5 was owned and created by SipPhone, until Google bought Gizmo5. Anyway, I register my SIP ATA using my Gizmo5 account number through ( Now, I can recieve my GVoice calls directly on my SIP ATA without being tied to Gizmo5, or the PC. It will be great to see how Google integrates all these features into Google Voice in the future (hopefully not too distant future). Jeff - CQVoIP
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Mar 16, 2010