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There's no reason I can see that it would have to be spending on war--because it's plainly the spending that's operative here. And who spends on war? Governments. Could some other object of massive government spending have produced the same results with regard to economic equality? I don't see why not.
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The thing about The Future is that you have to keep believing in it and working (or at least speaking up) for it in order for it to have a chance to happen--you'll never know otherwise. (I never had an idea that nuclear energy could be off the grid, in any event.)
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Is it possible to be a person of the Left now and not admit that the Hippies were, in the largest sense, right? (Apparently it is--everyone remembers them, if only because bashing them, when not actively ignoring them, has become the country's favorite pastime.) Where did the crazy back then really come from? I mean, I keep reading these columns and the word VIETNAM never seems to appear. Why are hippies to blame for the collapse of the New Deal coalition? Why wasn't that where the crazy was coming from? (Maybe they were too busy beating up hippies...) Isn't it noteworthy that the rest of the middle-class West (except maybe France) wasn't having quite such a hard time of it culturally? Wouldn't it have been better for the USA if Edmund Muskie had won the Presidency in 1972? Why does no one point out things like this?
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2011 on Optimism in a Time of Crisis at Dana Blankenhorn
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I've said for a while that the '60s were an attempt to start the 21st Century early. It understandably ran into some problems, which themselves should've been worked out much sooner. But here we are. BTW, my big brother's name is Dave. Have you been hanging around Facebook or something? ;-)
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With all due respect, I'm not aware of what Nixon "got us through". I wasn't really there, but my understanding is that Nixon was the beneficiary of a split between the near left and far left, and that part of the fallout of Kent State was an actual softening of the generation wars. As someone else put it, parents didn't like what their kids were doing, but they generally didn't think it deserved the death penalty (despite a few things I've read). For my part, I've always been about healing the split on the left before moving toward a larger consensus. And if I say so myself, it seems like the DFHs have been more willing to reach out to heal that split, while the centrist wing of the Dems seems to prefer reaching out to the GOP.
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@Tony P: The Democrats did almost nothing in '93 and '94 except get the ball rolling budget-wise, and they paid for it by losing both houses of Congress in '94, because the GOP had at least something that looked like a platform. The Dems at least did something this time, and if they hold onto at least one house of Congress this time, they need to have the difference impressed upon them. They're running scared because they don't know why they lost in '94.
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@obliw: Fair enough. But I have my own practices as well, from which I derive my own meaning. I'm perfectly willing to let David Frum have his customs if he'll reciprocate, but it seems he won't.
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Aug 19, 2010