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Dan, IMO Skype would be smart to avoid or limit using Windows systems as supernodes. Given the incidence of malware penetration on the typical desktop, particularly here in South Asia (Singapore, reportedly 95%+ of all Net-connected desktops and India/Pakistan limited only by Net connectivity), running *any* sort of P2P software on nodes like that is just down on your knees begging and pleading for trouble. It looks like Murphy obliged.
@Morgan Schweers - your observation made the whole screaming frat-boy rant worth enduring. Business is like anything else in our claim-to-model-natural-processes invented economy: it either grows or it dies. To grow requires customers - satisfied, evangelical customers who do your sales job for you. To keep customers happy, no matter how good your product/service is, needs several-sigma-better-than-average customer service. There are very, very few people who can provide that kind of service without burning out, and far, far fewer who don't natively speak the customers' languages. I remember how, back in the '70s and '80s, Japanese companies wanting to enter the American market opened offices and plants in the US, sent many of their best and brightest to lead and work in them, and made it a point to hire most of the people - at most levels - from the local area. Result? Happy American customers who kept buying more and more Japanese goods. Just ask Sony, Toyota, and dozens others. Now, American companies have this idea that if the outsource everything to India or China or Southeast Uzbekiswhere?!?istan, they can save a few bucks, pay most of those bucks to their top executives and raise the dividend a penny or two. Then they wonder why their customers hate them. They're suffering from the same myopia that totalitarian political regimes suffer from: if the leaders had to put up with what the average subject goes through every single day, then they'd work hard to make life better for everybody. They don't, and neither do these CEOs of antinational (né 'multinational') corporations, who in fact have allegiance to no country but themselves. The sad part is that we as a species have put up with all this for this long — and those who benefit from the current system shout and use ALL CAPS and bluster to cow us into continuing to put up with this, to think that there is no choice. "If you refuse to choose, you have in fact made your choice."
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Feb 1, 2010